4 Ways to Make Your Note Passing More Effective by Ayşe İnci DAL

I am sure that you always see those kinds of delegates who always write and pass notepaper to delegates in the committee. Everyone knows quite well that kind of delegates are so cool and mysterious  There is a delegate who always send message papers to others his those delegates who use paper very effectively are always very cool. Their hands are in the air, they always request something from admins, even more, he leads the committee. If you are lucky enough, they may send a mysterious super powerful message paper to you as well. If you haven’t gotten one so far, don’ worry! I am here to tell you secrets about using notepaper effectively in the committee. What do they write? What makes their messages that convincing? I am readier than ever to reveal his secrets. Let’s start!


How do the delegates communicate with each other during the sessions?

Delegates are expected to use notepaper during the sessions in order to have strong communication and create a block with one another.  Administrative Staffs have a role to deliver notepaper from one delegate to another as well as to the Chambord. Please keep in mind that Administrative Staffs have right to read our message papers and if they see something not proper, they have right not to deliver your notepaper. (Do not write something like ‘’What about a cup of coffee with me?’ :)’ Administrative Staffs will read before him/her). Note passing is a really important lobbying system to change the committee’s proceeding.

Why is note passing important?

There is no limit for delegates to communicate with each other during the debates. They are just one message paper far away from you. You can consult and counsel the countries you are cooperating with or you can persuade abstaining countries to cooperate with you, you can even understand against countries’ policies and prepare yourself to defend your country in the most effective way. Here are 4 ways to make your note passing more effective:

1) Don’t Be Cool!

Teenagers have some specific unwritten messaging rules. For instance; “We don’t want to be the person who texts first”, “We see the message but we don’t reply it rapidly”, “We are trying to write as short as we can”. Unfortunately, these techniques are slowing down note passing procedure. The best thing you should is to reply to the messages as fastest as you can and do not hesitate to send a message. Keep in mind that if you use note-passing very effectively, it is highly likely that at the end of the conference, your resolution paper will have more signatories which means that your resolution will definitely include better solutions than the ones so-called ”cool” delegates’ resolutions.

2) Use Formal Language

While you are delivering your speech you must use formal language and you can not use I as a subject because you are not representing yourself. The thing is that we are not mentioning EYP, on the contrary, you are representing a country in the MUN conference. This rule isn’t implemented for note passing but I observed that delegates who use formal language have the authority to lead the committee. It would be no surprise that no delegates would take such a note paper into consideration:  ”Dude plz vote in favour my reso”.

3) Don’t Be Persistent

Imagine that you as a fellow delegate sent notepaper and response is unfavourable. You didn’t give up and you sent one message paper more and the response is the same. Don’t write more than 2 notepapers to the same delegates, especially you get a negative response. After 2 message papers, every message paper will distract you and you will miss other delegates’ speeches (and their collaboration). If a country has an abstaining policy, you can talk with him or her during the coffee breaks to avoid losing time. Don’t forget that if a country’s policy is against to yours, nothing will change but you will only waste your coffee break.

4) Send Message Papers to Chairperson

If you have questions about the rules of procedure, send message papers to the chairperson. Delegates may lead you in a wrong way or they can think you are inadequate. Chair knows the rules of procedure better than anyone in the committee also chair will have an impression you want to do something fruitful for your committee. You will be one step closer to the best delegate award than other delegates. Believe me, I just tried and this technique is approved when I was a chair and a delegate. Trust me.

What Do Admins Think?

I also asked my admin friends to give advice to my precious readers about making note passing more effective here are their pieces of advice:

‘’ In my opinion message papers are a really important and effective thing if you use it properly. Generally, Best Delegates are the ones who use note passing for the committee’s utmost benefit. I do not suggest you use for it for chit chat like sending messages such as ‘’what’s up’’.’

‘’It is a cliche but you should use formal way. Note passing shouldn’t definitely be used for other purposes. Once I was delivering a message paper, I felt something concrete in message paper. I didn’t care about it then the delegate took and opened it there was a power bank. It always makes me laugh whenever I remember.’’


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