Should Current Issues Be Discussed During the MUN Sessions? by Onur KARADAL

Should Current Issues Be Discussed During the MUN Sessions? by Onur KARADAL

One of the most discussed questions about determining topics for committees is current issues convenient to discuss in MUN sessions or not. The answer, not a stainable one considering it changes topic to topic. I’m going to explain it by examples. As you all know, your topics must be global and actual. But the ‘actual’ in here only means debatable in our present day. Topics become certain in a time period before the conference but if your topic is still active in today, it might not be a good choice to discuss. Conditions and course of events may be changed after you prepare a study guide or during the conference days. You can still continue the discussion but it wouldn’t be realistic and effective.

A topic about inflation and exchange rate is the best example for this. These are the things that change nearly every second. If you change these as topics for your committee, it’d be an inefficient and disqualified discussion. On the other hand, there are some topics that are global, trending and actual at the same time. We can call them GTA (global, trending and actual). These types of topics are more stainable and less active than the previous one. A topic that countries have strict boundaries which makes it more relevant to talk about. The topic still has to be actual and of course, may be changed.

As examples, we can give topics about LGBT and animal rights. These are the GTA committees that are still being discussed on the formal meeting, countries are still changing and reforming their policies about them and are current issues. I chose the examples from the cliché ones but I hope it helps you to understand it better. I have explained questions according to my opinion. After these, I will guide you to choose a current issue as a topic to talk about.

The first step is, as you can probably guess, thinking for a topic in order to talk about.

The second step is analysing its changing period time. For example, if the conditions about the topic change day by day, I don’t recommend you to use it as your topic. But a stainable topic may be a better choice. After this clause, I think you understand it’s not about being a current issue. Cause a MUN topic, of course, have to be a current issue but the thing you need to be careful is if your topic is a debatable issue or not.

The third step is required if you think your topic is not a stainable issue.

You can still make it more general in order to make it an efficient choice. For example; if your topic is about a general crisis between two or a specific number of countries, in order to make it more stainable you can only focus on the general crisis and include the countries’ crises in the debates.

The fourth step is not a popular option but a suggestion from me. If you really want to make your idea a topic but can’t because of not being stable, you can try to make it a futuristic special committee. This method will also burden you by not being connected to the current conditions. You can create a whole new special committee made all by yourself which is also unique.

So that’s it. These are the answers to the question of ‘Should current issues be discussed during the MUN sessions?’ I’m going to make a little summarization.

So as I stated before the main thing you need to focus on is not if your topic is current or not. Cause an MUN topic has to be about a current issue. But you need to think about your topics’ stableness more. Cause if the conditions change after you publish the guide or days before the conference, it may be an irreversible bend. And falling for this may cause your committee to fail, to be less efficient and etc. which we don’t want to happen.

As a deputy-secretary general I can ensure you that determining topics for committees are not as easy as it seems to be but if you choose good topics, it will improve your conferences quality. I wish you the best of luck on this journey.


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