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Positions in Model United Nations Conferences by Gökçe SİVRİKAYA

Hi guys,

It has been a while since my last article which I have written for you. But I am eager to make it up. So let’s jump into the topic my dear readers.

In this article, you will be reading upon the members and their duties in a Model United Nations Conference. Actually, this was a request from a follower of on Instagram. And your wishes are important to us. So if you wonder, keep reading.

First of all Model United Nations consist of two teams One of them is the Academic Team while the other one is the Organization Team.

The Organization Team  (a.k.a Orga)

Just like in everything else, there is a person who is responsible for the whole Organization Team. We call this person as The Director-General. The Director-General is also known as DG. The main responsibility of the Director-General is basically organizing the conference. Not by herself or himself of course. The Director-General checks the organization team and makes sure that they remember that they are a team. From calling the participants to find the places for the social events, anything that comes to your mind when I say the organization is the responsibility of the organization team, therefore the responsibility of the Director-General.


As you can imagine it is hard to organize and check all of the things I have stated.  The responsibilities of Director General, are also the duties of The Deputy Director General. The Deputy Director-General is also known as the D.D.G. as a short form. This person is basically the Assistant Director-General and helps the Director-General upon the missions.

Then like I said since it is a team, the organization part has different groups in it

  1. Public Relations (PR)
  2. Finance
  3. Administrative
  4. Logistic
  5. Entertainment (A.K.A. Event)
  6. Press
  7. IT


If you wonder what are the duties of those groups keep reading, or if you have not got any more interest upon the organization part of the conference you can directly read the part about the Academic Team of the conference.

1. The PR Team:

So, you know that before a conference someone calls you, or send e-mails to you or furthermore answers your questions via Instagram. So the ones who do this job are people from the Public Relations Team.

2. The Finance Team

So, as you can guess, The Finance Team deals with the financial issues of the conference.

3. The Administrative Team

This team of the organization part probably is the ones who work hardest during the conference days. The admins which work in the committee rooms without stopping even a minute for providing us more comfort belong to this team

4. The Logistic Team

The Logistic Department in MUN is similar to the Logistic Department in big companies. This team arranges our shuttles, our hotels etc. So whatever you do, please do not forget that the Logistic Team is an important part of our comfort during the conference.

5. The Entertainment or the Event Team

The precious entertainment team works for our joy during the conference. From the social events to the attractions in coffee breaks are their job.

6. The Press Team

The Press Team is extremely important for the conference. Maybe you might not like that they always take photos of you. But eventually, you get used to it. And press members are the ones who make the conference immortal.

7. The IT Team

The members of this team create the website of the conference. They are computer whizzes. During the conference, if the electronic gadgets have a problem they are our emergency contacts.

Now it is time for, The Academic Team

The first person who is a must for a Model United Nations is The Secretary-General. And of course, you might know her or him as SG. This person is basically responsible for all of the conference. So, in other words, the Secretary-General is the head of the conference. Have you ever wondered who makes the academic team to gather?, Who invites them to the conference? (Because normally you cannot apply as a USG or an AA.) So the Secretary-General organizes the academic team.

The second person we are most likely to see in the conference is The Deputy Secretary-General. You might know this person as DSG. Just like I said the Deputy Director-General is the Assistant Director-General, the Deputy Secretary-General is the Assistant Secretary General. Hence this person’s main mission is to help the Secretary-General upon the missions since the whole job is too much for just one person.

Now, into the committees;

In most of the conferences, every committee has one (or two if it is a cooperative job. And this is called co -USG.) Under-Secretary-General. Let me remind that the Secretary-General is responsible for the whole conference (academically). The Under-Secretary-General or also known as the USG is the head of the committee. So, this means the person who is responsible for the SOCHUM committee, for example, is the Under Secretary General of the SOCHUM. Also, the Under-Secretary-General of a crisis committee mostly cooperates with the crisis team in order to deliver crises to the committee. Except for checking how the committee proceeds during the conference days, an Under-Secretary-General is responsible for writing the study guides before the conference for the delegates to read and be prepared. And believe me, writing those long pages is not an easy thing.

Therefore most of the time an Under-Secretary-General has his or her Academic Assistant/s in order to help her or him upon the missions of the USG. The academic assistant is also known as the AA. But this short form is not as common as the other short forms.

There is also a crisis team in most of the conferences. The members of the Crisis Team are called as Crisis Member. And these people work non-stop for delivering good, logical crises or updates regarding the directives which are given by the committee.

There is also PGA (President of General Assembly) in THIMUN procedure. GA committees come together in the opening ceremony and they have a special session called Plenary Session. This special session is chaired by PGA and all ambassadors and delegates are expected to follow his or her instructions.

Oh, I almost forgot one of the most important people in the conference for the committee. There is also The Committee Directors who are also known as The Chairs. Those people are responsible for dealing with the committee. They direct the committee and always there to help the delegates just like every other people who worked for the conference.

So, I guess that is it. I hope you find this article beneficial and understandable. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my personal e-mail address ( or via Instagram (@gokcesivrikaya_ ). Also if you have any special request from the upon anything related to the MUN which you want us to write about, please do not be afraid about saying. I am really looking forward to communicating with you.

Don’t forget there can always new positions in MUN conferences.

I hope to see you soon in my next article.

With love, <3


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