How to Write a Motivation Letter While Applying for the Conferences? by Dila KADIGİL

When you are applying to a MUN conference, writing a motivation letter is one of the most important things that you have to do. But what is a motivation letter and how to write it? A motivation letter is basically a letter in which you state your interests in applying to a conference, your features.

You can separate your letter into 3 parts.



First, you generally introduce yourself.


  1. What is your name/surname?
  2. Which school are you going to and your current grade?
  3. How many conferences have you attended?
  4. What kind of a MUN’er you are?


  1. MUN


This part is where you explaining the place of MUN in your life. It is also not necessary however you may look more dedicated.


a) What does MUN mean to you?


There is a lot of sides that MUN has. First of all, it helps you to socialize. You can make new friends and you might have strong bonds with the people that you met in MUN’s. It also improves your English. Beyond that, it helps you to improve your debating skills. You can learn all the rules of debating. There are many things that you can add according to your interests.


b)Why attending MUN’s is important for you?


This clause is similar to the previous one. Differently, you can specify more academic gainings of MUN. It helps you to learn politics and you can learn how to make diplomacy by discussing politics. In addition, you explore different approaches by discussing issues with people who are not from your own environment and who have different ideas from you. It makes you be aware of the issues that people who suffer because of these issues in the world.


c) How can MUN help you to achieve your goals in the future?


You may keep it short. For example, MUN can help when you are applying to a university. You can specify a department and by which ways MUN can be useful. Or you can state different goals if you have any further.




This is the most important part of the motivation letter. You generally state your reasons for applying to the specific conference.


a) Why do you prefer the conference that you are applying to?


You can explain the advantages, features, and specialities of the conference that you are applying to. You can mention what makes this conference different and what can you gain from this conference. State if it is a prestigious conference or if the debates are fruitful.


b)What you can contribute to the conference?


You should state your features or your knowledge about MUN that can contribute to the conference/position.


c) Why you should be chosen over other candidates / What makes you a suitable candidate for the position that you are applying to?


Here, you need to explain what makes you different than the other candidates and what are your specialities.



Try to avoid using mild language. This is a formal letter. But don’t exaggerate.


I hope this article will help you to write a great motivation letter which will help you to be elected.



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