Things You Should Know Before Attending Any MUN by Ilgın Sena TULUK

Things You Should Know Before Attending Any MUN by Ilgın Sena TULUK

Model United Nations is a great platform to discuss the issues of past, today and tomorrow. For most of the Model United Nation activities, it is known that high level of English is required and the scariest thing for most of the MUNers is the speech part because it considers both high-level English and oratory skills; also MUN conferences especially these days getting more expensive which can cause a problem for some MUNers. On the other hand, first-timers generally don’t feel like well-prepared and they don’t know how to prepare for MUN conferences.

First MUN is always hard to deal with. You don’t know the process, you don’t even know where to start, how to make an alliance and so many other things. Well, a good MUN conference hinge upon your research and knowledge about the subject. In this case, coming prepared to conferences has an important role in overcoming your fears because a good research would cause a 200% increase in your confidence.

Another point I want to touch upon is anyone who has spoken in public at least one time knows that moment when your hands shake and fear to forget the important points. In order to beat this, there are some quick tips. First one is to highlight the important/keywords or write them on a small note card to recall the things you will talk about. Furthermore, by using rhetorical questions you can make your audience participate in your presentation, speech. In that way, you can hook the attention of the audience and make a good impression on them. In addition to all of these, your gestures and mimics play an important role to have a successful speech; you should make sure that they draw a confident speaker who knows what he/she is talking about.


Moreover, the delegates (MUNers) should come prepared to each and every conference which necessitates a good research and knowledge about the subject or committee. If you are a first-time MUNer, searching for what MUN really is would give you the main purpose of the activity. Also, another thing that you have to search for is the specific language used in MUNs such as motion, resolution and many others.

In addition to that, you have to search for the committee and country of yours that you are going to make speeches and presentations about. Since MUN includes many countries and committees there are some certain things you should do to win the best delegate award. You should have a valid resolution and speech to win against your opponents. Another important thing is to make an alliance with the other countries which decreases the number of the opponents and makes you feel relax (because of the decrease in opponents compressing questions.
In brief, to give a good impression to your audiences and to come out better off, I listed some specific things which are really necessary. Hope they can help you with your first MUN or construct a better MUN.

Ilgın Sena TULUK

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