A Rising Star and Strong Character: Defne İŞSEVER, SG of MUNIKL 2017

Defne İşsever, SG of MUNIKL 2017

First I would like to start my words with thanking because both in the conference and afterwards they taught me a lot, supported me and gave me this amazing opportunity to spread my experience story to every MUN follower out there.

Who is Defne İŞSEVER?

I should introduce myself for sure; my name is Defne İşsever. I am 17 years old and I have been attending to MUN conferences for 3 years. Also, I am very into European Youth Parliament and Erasmus Projects. I have connections within the foreign countries since 2004.I was the Secretary General of Izmir Kiz High School Model United Nations Conference 2017. I want to share my journey from the beginning with all of you so that maybe some of you out there get inspired or encouraged. Izmir Atatürk High School’s MUN 2016 was the 4th  experience of mine in that time and the Secretary General gave a speech as usual. I wasn’t exactly listening to the speech but I was observing him the way he moves and the way he spreads all of his confidence to the crowd. I decided at that point that I will be at that stage in the future. I believe that confidence is playing a huge role in a human structure. Since we are living in a world within a lost generation we have to find our direction.


MUN Career of Defne İŞSEVER

My journey started at 2015. I was a freshman and in those times my eyes were completely shut. Meeting United Nations opened them up. I decided to organize a conference in 2017. I remember that when I first decided to do this, I couldn’t sleep cause of overthinking. I read a guide which was 343 pages long about how to organise a successful MUN conference. It helped me but also it kept my mind busy within the details. I learned that drawing the contour lines is the best for e rather than adjusting the details first.

I started with spreading the awareness the importance of these types of youth conferences to my school. As our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said; “Dear Youth, you are the ones that strengthen our courage and maintain it. Within decency and culture that you are learning, you will be the most precious examples of human value and homeland lovers.” These lines inspired me to give consciousness to every each person who was near me. It was very hard to have the permission to make my dream come true as no one showed up to stand by me from my school. Not even my teachers and not even my directory. Only a group of students decided to follow my path and I am proud of them since they are the ones who will carry my journey to the future. I have reached to success without the help of my elders so I suggest you to not wait for someone else to put what you want to your hands. Reach to that ‘with your hands’.

I am pretty sure that Mr Anıl İpekçi (Founder of – Contact: will do his very best to help you and guide you on your own journey. Do not give up; always open yourself to any kind of information because it will get handy in the future.

Keynotes from Ms İşsever for Organizing an MUN Conference 

If your goal is to organize a conference in the future keep in mind that it will not be easy. Open yourselves to any sorts of comments and take them as lessons so that you can improve your works in the future. During the conference, I have been through a few mental breakdowns but at the end whenever I remember MUNIKL’2017 I get super emotional. If your goal is not to organize but attend please do it and search history. Even if you don’t trust yourself start as an admin, you will enjoy it. The friendships that you build are so unique that maybe they will last a lifetime. But don’t expect the highest; always expect the lowest so that you can enjoy every single detail.

If you want any further information about MUNIKL’2017 and the preparation procedure please don’t hesitate to ask me. You can send emails to Since I will be a senior student this year, I will be studying a lot so if you don’t get a quick reply please send your questions and thoughts about anything to 

Defne İşsever

Secretary General of MUNIKL 2017

As PR Team, we send our special thanks to Ms İşsever for giving us this amazing chance to publish her inspiring article on

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