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I’m Merve Ceren Çırağ. I’m 17 years old. I live in İstanbul and study at Çevre College as a 10th grader. Next year I will be TM student. I started my MUN career with IELMUN’18. I wanted to improve myself academically so I continue to go MUN conferences. I have been attending MUNs for 3 years. This is my second year in Çevre English MUN Club as a chair. I attended MUN conferences abroad (USA/NL) with my school. Except that I have been in many positions in MUN conferences. I love debating, finding solutions for the long-term, and talking about political and crucial problems with other people. On the other hand, MUNs help me to improve myself differently and also with my English. I believe we will make this world better by listening to the winds of change.


Instagram account: mervecirag

Email: account: Merve Ceren Çırağ


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