Hi everyone! My name is İldeniz Civcik. I am currently an 11th grader in the Doğa Okulları Konya campus. Thanks to my school’s own MUN conference d’MUN I’ve started participating in MUN conferences. My first MUN was a Junior MUN conference in which I participated 7th grade. From my very first conference, I learned that MUN is not only about developing your language learning skills, but it also teaches you more than that. It teaches you to past international political events, current issues, and gains your point of view about the problems which our world is facing. Moreover, it makes you a better communicator,  a team player, and a person with high self-confidence. So MUN is all about developing yourself in every sense. Once I realized all these things, I decided to share my experiences and inform every MUNer and people who want to begin MUN conferences. And now here I am as a member of the content producer team. I hope my articles are going to help you while you are making research for your agenda, committee history in your preparation process.


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