Bodrum Crisis Online MUN

9-10 May 2020

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Welcome Letter

Most Esteemed Participants,

As the Organisation Team, we are honoured to welcome you all to the first Online MUN organised in Bodrum which will be held on May 9-10th, 2020. We are aware of the difficulties social distancing is creating for people and especially youngsters. As an active group of people we are always trying new things, joining and organising conferences and this period of the COVID-19 Pandemic has also postponed all of our own plans. Therefore we decided to make it possible for all of you to have fun and socialise with international and multicultural people over an online conference.

We are all about being productive, having fun and spending quality time and we guarantee to deliver this to you, via your screen, as well.  We have prepared 2 amazing special Crisis committees that provide you creativity and fun. On the other side we also have opened a WHO committee because we find it our biggest responsibility to know what is happpening around the world and to think of possible solutions for these problems. We believe all of our delegates and team members will spend two intensive but productive days, and together we will have a lot of fun.

We cannot wait to host you in BCMUN’20 Online.

Kind Regards,

BCMUN’20 Organisation Team



World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO – The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19:┬áOur most important committee of all at this present time is nothing but the World Health Organsiation Committee. This committee will operate as a normal Harvard committee and will take the attention to the importance of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Delegates will represent countries from all over the world and try to find the best solutions and think of┬á further regulations in order to protect health systems and public health.

Futuristic Joint Crisis Committee(F-JCC)

This futuristic joint crisis commitee is inspired by the short Netflix series “Daybreak” however, we’ve given it our own unique twist. Our committee will take place in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Everything begins with an event that we have no clear recollection of. One morning, nearly all of the World’s generations were lost except for “Gen Z (people who were born between 1995 and 2012)”. Right now, terms like “old people” or “grown ups” are a myth. We do not know how this catastrophe happened or who it was caused by. We do not know why this has happened or if things will ever be normal again. The Aegean Region will be divided into 3 factions and each faction will work as one cabinet. It is the delegates’ job to decide what their faction will do. Will they take over the area? Will they have internal spies?

Historical Joint Crisis Committee (H-JCC)

H-JCC – Imia/Kardak Crisis: Our special historical committee will operate as 2 cabinets, the Greek Cabinet and the Turkish Cabinet. Delegates will each repsresent a different character involved in the Kardak Crisis. In 1996, the Kardak dispute caused Turkey and Greece to come to the brink of war. Will one of the cabinets actually start the war this time? What will happen next?

BCMUN’20 Crisis Guide

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Bodrum Crisis Online Model United Nations 2020 Crisis Guide (94 downloads)



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