Zeynep NAZLI

My name is Zeynep AYGÜNDÜZ and I’m 16 years old. I was born in Isparta in December 2002. Then, I had moved to Konya a few years ago that is the place that I started to my MUN career. Now, I’m a sophomore in Konya Şehir Anatolian High School. It is a great pleasure in serving you as a writer of MunTurkey.com.


Why is MUN that important? by Zeynep AYGÜNDÜZ

Why is MUN that important? by Zeynep AYGÜNDÜZ When we started to high school, we all changed. We had lots of new ideas; even our vision of the world was changed. After all, some of us had started to searching to a place that they can express their newest ideas, and they wanted to change when they see the world as...

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