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My name is Miray and I’m currently an 11th grader at FMV Erenköy Işık Science High School. I have attended 7 conferences so far, and my aim is to be a chair in an MUN conference very soon. The main motive of mine to start an MUN career was to overcome my fear of public speaking, and I’m still working on it. I’m really fond of writing, and happy to be able to express myself on MUNTurkey.com

E-mail miray.ayyildiz@fmvisik.k12.tr


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I am Bersu CENGİZOĞLU, I am from Ankara and I’m 17 years old. I know 3 languages; English, Chinese and Russian (I am in the learning phase). I’m writing a blog and also I am writing for the school magazine, I love writing articles and essays
I like to make policy and discuss world problems, so the MUN conferences are good experiences for me and also I want to be a lawyer so it is a great advantage for me to deal with these issues.
My MUN career started last year and I participated in a total of 7 mun conferences also I keep participating in MUN conferences. I have two outstanding awards and I have one mention award.
If I start to write here my writing will be primarily informative and fun
I write them here today because I realize that this community has done great things and I want to be a writer in this community.
Best regards…




Zeynep ALTUN

Zeynep Altun is a sophomore year student studying at Çankaya High School, Ankara.
She attended METU Elementary and Secondary School for 6 years.She discovered her passion for storytelling there and that’s what lead her to her MUN journey.She has been to the Delegate and Press side of MUN.She is the President and the Founder of the Foreign Languages Club in her school and the Head Delegate of her school delegations.

E-mail altunzeynep93@gmail.com



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