How to Write a Resolution: Step by Step Tutorial. Written by Miray Ayyıldız

How to Write a Resolution: Step by Step Tutorial


Resolution is the basis of MUN. Since the main aim of MUN is to make young minds consider global issues and challenge themselves to come up with efficient solution ideas, resolution can be thought as the product of their efforts. It is the reason why we band together and contemplate ideas during hourlong sessions. Those ideas that took several nights to put into words which you fiercely stuck up for on the podium are finally in front of you in the format of a resolution. Nothing would feel better, right? Even though coming up with a well-prepared resolution is the dream of every MUNer, it should be admitted that the process is not the easiest thing. However, just like anything else, preparing a resolution also has some hacks and easy ways to reach the finish line. It might be difficult when you first start, but I’m sure that your fingers will get used to it as you practice more.



  • Research


Even the thought of it might make you feel overwhelmed and bored. Trust me, I’ve been there. Personally, I find it unnecessary to dig up the oldest treaties or memorize every detail of the issue. A brief knowledge about the topic and your country’s perspective would most likely be enough for you to survive the conference, as long as you have your phone for urgent matters.

  • The research reports will be your best friend while you’re writing a resolution. It will cover the most of your need of research, and also the section for “the possible solutions” might help you plant idea seeds in your mind.
  • While you continue your research, keep a paper by your side to plan what each clause will be about. This way, you can visualize the final output before starting to write and add or subtract clauses according to it.
  • If the topic is about a conflict between two sides, check if they had tried before to sit around a table and confront each other. It is always a good idea to think humanely.
  • If the topic is about a country’s situation, don’t forget to bear in mind all the aspects of it -economics, social life, politics, education, etc.- and try to think of a clause for each of them.
  • Don’t worry about the financial part of your ideas, you can always make the UN and IMF pay for it.
  • Every resolution needs clauses about relevant NGOs and raising awareness, just try not to be too cliche.


2) Turning ideas into words

  • The language of MUN is not casual if you haven’t noticed yet. Because of that, the first version of a word that comes to your mind will probably be too simple for you to use on a resolution. To solve this issue, I would suggest you keep a dictionary and thesaurus open during the process. This is also an opportunity for you to expand your vocabulary.
  • As you probably know, there are limited options for you to pick while you’re writing the beginning of a pre-ambulatory or an operative clause. Because of this, most MUNers prefer to stick to a couple of them and use them repeatedly. In my opinion, it looks way more professional when there is a variety of words. My advice for you is to look up the meanings of the ones you’ve never heard before and practice putting them to use. That way, other delegates will think that you know what you’re doing.


3) When it’s done

You’ve been dreaming of this moment for weeks, you finally typed the last clause of your resolution and heaved a sigh of relief. Now, what’s on your mind is if it’s good enough to pass or if it’s your best work. What I do after finishing a resolution is print it out, put it in front of me and imagine as if I’m a delegate whose aim is just to find mistakes, insufficiency and questions to ask the main submitter. If you genuinely get in that mindset, I’m sure that you will find several points to fix, big or small. Once you feel like you would be satisfied with the result of your resolution from the perspective of another delegate, your job will be done! Now you can enter that committee room like a boss!

Miray Ayyıldız

The Writers Team of

Note: Photo from KALMUN

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