MUN for Everyone: What is MUN? Written by Ilgın Sena TULUK

MUN for Everyone: What is MUN? Written by Ilgın Sena TULUK

Basically, it is the rehearsal of the future assembly that gives the students, from all over the world, an offer to learn how to negotiate, make a speech and write a resolution. It is required to know the higher-level of English in order to attend any MUN activities.

Truly, the greater part of the moves made in the MUN is non-official, and nations can’t be compelled to take after each determination. The UN comprises of different boards where delegates stand for their nations’ arrangements and arrange resolutions to profit their nation and the world.

There are many committees in most of the MUNs and they are usually divided into three groups like General Assemblies (GAs), Specialized Committees and Crisis Committees. These committees can be;

·       Economic and Finance Committee (ECOFIN)

·       Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

·       United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

·       United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

·       Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

·       United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

·       North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

·       International Court of Justice (ICJ)

·       Historical Security Council (HSC)

(First three are the beginner, middle three are intermediate and last three are advanced committees.)

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