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TIMUN’18 Review Article by Berfu ÖZCAN

Dear followers of MUNTurkey.com;

I’d like to start by introducing myself first. I am Berfu Özcan, a ninth grader at Abbas Sıdıka Çalık Anatolian High School. This is the second MUN I have attended, but I’m very interested in MUNs. In my article, I am going to reflect the positive and negative aspects of TIMUN’18. I hope you enjoy my article.


First of all, I want to talk about the main problems of the conference. The first one I can say that was the allocation. Most of the people in my committee couldn’t be allocated to the committee they requested. We all know that it’s extremely hard for conferences to allocate, If delegates mostly applied to a single committee, delegates should be equally distributed. but if the committee requires special information (e.g. Harry Potter or Avengers), it may be a little bit of a problem. In addition, the allocations came two days before the MUN. The delegates had no chance of getting ready. I’d like to point out that there’s been some trouble. The function of the committee was great on all committees. Not to brag, but we were the most trouble-free committee of the conference! Chairs were more understanding than ever because 10 of the 14 people on our committee were the first timer. We know that special committees don’t usually write Resolution Paper. Directives are preferred to Resolution Paper. To tell you the truth, the first directives were terrible for us! Even if the chairs helped us, we couldn’t handle it ourselves! But the harder it was for us to write our first directive, the easier it was for us to write our second directive.

Fun sessions where all delegates want to throw their tiredness! We all wanted fun sessions to be more beautiful, but we have to admit that fun sessions can be more fun! On behalf of my committee, I’d like to tell you that we all have more fun in the committee, in reading gossip and in punishing you!

Another thing that I’d like to say is that our committees have been very interrupted during the debates. These delegates were very distracted and they caused some confusion. We hope they can solve this problem with a better team organization. The conference didn’t serve any food.  Although there was no food, the time allocated for the lunch was very short, so the delegates were very concerned about it. They had difficulty getting back to the sessions on time.


In addition, our committees, our chairs, our organization team, our academic team, everything worked for us to have the best conference ever. The secretary-general I have something to say about it. Our general secretary apologized for every mistake he made and took our complaints into account in order to make the next conference better. He always did his best to encourage us. We, like all delegates, would like to thank him for this kind act of him.

Despite all that I mentioned, this conference was a great experience for us, and we made all great friends and talked about ourselves in peace. We want to thank everyone who gave us the chance to take over this conference. It is the first time and hopefully last time that I talk about some negative experiences we had, but I guarantee Timun19 will be better in the future. I would like to thank MUNTurkey.com for giving me the opportunity to write this revşew article. I hope this article is able to make you understand correctly what a conference looks like from the eyes of a delegate. See you in another article. Thank you.

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