Atakan Çağlayan 

Never could we think that one day, our dreams could be true. We all have a different approach as well as different attitude towards life. We have different perspectives and different dreams to chase. Model United Nations of Ankara Atatürk High School has been the dream of many a MUN’er and since we were the luckiest amongst many, we had our dream the same which later became an experience once in a blue moon. When you have a dream and try your utmost to make it come alive, you need people to watch out for your back and enjoy the moment with. Therefore, on behalf of MUNAAL18 Team, I can not express how utterly pleased and honoured we are to have MUNTurkey with us throughout the conference. We were and still are overjoyed to have these amazing people to share the miraculous moments that meant worlds to us. Without their support and inclination for our conference, nothing would be the same. Never could we believe we would be this lucky to have these amazing people to brighten up our days with their devotion. We are immensely thankful to MUNTurkey for accompanying us on this incredible journey we had been through.