Special Interview with USG of EgeMUN’18: Efe BABUŞCU

1. Hello Efe Babuşcu! It is a great honour for us to get to know you closer! Could you please briefly introduce yourself to MUN community in Turkey?

Efe Babuşcu: Hello everyone,
First of all, I would like to thank the team of MUNTurkey as behalf of both academic and organization teams of EGEMUN’18 for giving me this amazing opportunity to do an interview with you. I am Efe Babuşcu and I will be a senior in the next term in Gelisim High School and I’ll be serving you as the Under-Secretary-General responsible for Avengers JCC: Infinity War in EGEMUN’18. I’ll do my best to serve my delegates in the best way possible for 4 days in this amazing conference, EGEMUN’18

2. Here it comes the most important part! We are all excited to learn about your MUN career. How did your MUN career start? We would be so happy to hear your MUN adventure!

Efe Babuşcu:  In my preparatory year in high school, I came across with the MUN Club of my school but unfortunately prep years and freshmen were not accepted into this club and I completed that year with a deep-felt wish to become a part of MUN Club one day. Once again, unfortunately, we moved to another city in my freshman year and I attended my first conference there, from then on, I tried to attend many more conferences around Turkey and Europe and gain many unique and beneficial experiences in all of them. Lastly, I would like to thank to my current teachers and friends for giving me countless opportunities to become a part of many prestigious conferences as various positions.

3. How did you come up with the idea of creating the Avengers JCC: Infinity War? What is your source of inspiration?

Efe Babuşcu: My close friends would know that I’m mad in love with most of the fantasy universes like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Middle Earth, DC and Marvel. For those who don’t know me, you just learned that I am a big fan of those franchises. Since MCU and especially Infinity War is talked and discussed in pretty much everywhere among fans nowadays, I wanted to establish this JCC committee in order to let people create their own storyline with their own military strategies and ideas. I was pretty sure that representing a popular character from both comics and movies would be brilliant and amazing and MARVELous for those who like reading comics or watching superhero movies.


4. What makes a fantasy-based committee good in your perspective?

Efe Babuşcu: First of all, I have to say that I participated in several fun committees like Harry Potter and Hunger Games and what made them very good and well-organised was the knowledge of USGs and committee directors upon the canon or the topic. So, one of the many but the most important asset of a fun committee is the background information that USGs and committee directors possess. I can easily say that we chose our chair board members very carefully so that they can help our delegates with their knowledge about JCC procedure and MARVEL. As for me, I have a fund of knowledge regarding both the JCC procedure and MARVEL canon that I gathered in many years. I’ll do best to deliver the most effective and fun crisis and updates during EGEMUN’18

5. What would you suggest to the delegates that want to be successful in the JCCs?

Efe Babuşcu: Firstly, there are two types of people: The ones who have a natural talent for JCCs and the ones who need a number of experiences in the JCC to be good. I will be talking to the second type of delegates. Firstly, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the sequence of the JCCs because you will get used to it in time.
If the JCC is a historical one, you might find, knowing everything there is to know about the committee, useful. If not you can throw yourself a training session, thinking about possible crises, and be writing directives regarding those crises.
If none of these works you may have been created for GA committees rather than JCCs.


6. What makes a JCC, good?
A JCC needs a lot of elements to be good. You can assimilate them to a table. Even if one leg is shorter the table swings at given time.

Efe Babuşcu: Those elements that make a good JCC are rather experienced delegates who know how to deal with given crises and can take actions that will go to the other side as crises; chairs that can lead the delegates when they are stuck; and a crisis team that knows when to stop or to push the delegates.

We send our special thanks to Mr Babuşcu to give us this amazing chance to have an interview!


If you wanna apply for EgeMUN, please visit here. PR Team

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Special Interview with EgeMUN’18 Team – Presented by PR Team

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