Special Interview with ETUMUN’18 Team: Professional MUN in the Center of Turkey!

Special Interview with ETUMUN’18 Team: Professional MUN in the Center of Turkey! Hello ETUMUN 2018 Team! It is our utmost pleasure to serve ETUMUN as the official Media Partner! We are so proud and happy to work with one of the most prestigious MUN conferences in Ankara. Moreover, we are so happy for giving us this chance to have an interview with you! Let’s start!

1. We know that ETUMUN Team is composed of a lot of high quality and experienced MUNers. Could you please introduce the Academic and Organisation teams of ETUMUN?

It is our pleasure to introduce the ETUMUN’18 team.

Our beloved Secretary-General, Zeynep Esendemir and precious Director General, Ahsen Şevval Ulukanlıgil whom also the two people that built ETUMUN Conferences.

Our Academic Team members:
Under Secretary General of DISEC, Gökhan Şeheri.
Under Secretary General of UNHRC, Fatih Şahin.
Under Secretary General of UNSC, Derin Eryılmaz.
Under Secretary General of U.S. House of Representatives, Egemen Büyükkaya.
Under Secretary General of Futuristic Grand National Assembly, Nimet Eser Özgür.
Head of Crisis, Efe Coştu.
Academic Assistants; Şebnem Yaren, Bora Saygaç, Begüm Başaran.

Our Organization Team members:
Deputy Director General, Yasin Özçelik.
PR Team; Zeynep Deniz Gülden, Esma Kaya, Dorukan Dündar, Ece Polat
Delegate Affairs; Buse Nur Düzgün, Simay Çalışkan, Alihan Gören, Merve Kaleciklioğlu
Press Team; Ceren Karataban, Elif Su Yurtsuz
Media&Design Team; Enes Yurduseven, Uğur Geniş, Selin Ersan

2. As the results of the university exam has been announced recently, most students are looking for the best university for themselves. Is it possible to give more information about your university including your MUN club?

In TOBB ETU, each education year is divided into three semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer. 3 Term Education Program is not practised is to improve the students’ field experience before they get their license degrees. All students join the cooperative education program which is a unique approach to higher education that enables students to gain one-year work experience prior to their graduation grounded on university-business world cooperation. Undergraduate students of TOBB ETÜ work at actual jobs for 3 times, 3.5 months at a time, approximately 1 year in total. In TOBB ETÜ there are several clubs that students can join and play active roles. ETUMUN is one of the oldest clubs in TOBB ETÜ which was established in 2004. Our members have been attending many conferences all over the country since the beginning of the club. We arrange training debates during the year to prepare our new MUNers. As ETUMUN Organization and Academic Teams, we would be grateful to have new members in our family.

3. How does your MUN club work? Do you have a meeting time or you organize MUN days frequently? Is your MUN club open to everyone?

ETUMUN Society is one of the most prominent student societies in our university, TOBB ETÜ. First of all, the most important feature of our society is that unlike most other societies, we are like a family. Every year we attend at least 10 MUN Conferences with our delegation all over Turkey. We frequently get together and organise meetings but our meetings are more likely friend gatherings than formal society meeting. We organise them accordingly with the free times of the majority of our members. Since we are also organising ETUMUN as well we spend most of our times together besides the society meetings. Our MUN Club is open for everyone from every university, so feel free to contact us!

4. Let’s focus on ETUMUN ’18! We know that you have organized MUN conferences in the previous years. What kind of innovation will the participant of ETUMUN face in this year’s edition of ETUMUN ’18?

As you may know, last year’s conference was a first for us. Although we had never organized an MUN conference before, we are proud to say that we did a pretty good job with over 200 participants. This year’s conference will be even better since we are all a lot more experienced when it comes to hosting. In addition to having a more professional academic team, we are going to spice our parties up and try to entertain our participants with a variety of sponsors and activities. In ETUMUN’18 we promise you a more professional but also a more entertaining conference. Goosebumps yet?

5. We are sure that many MUNers are curious about your committees and agenda items. Could you please give us more information about the academic background of ETUMUN ’18?

In ETUMUN 2018 we have 5 different committees with different levels.

Our first committee is the United Nations Human Rights Council. The first agenda item of the UNHRC is Human Rights Abuses and Violations Against Ethnic and Religious Minorities, and the second agenda is the LGBTI Rights. UNHRC is a committee which is more suitable for first timers and inexperienced delegates.

Our second committee is GA-1/DISEC. There are also two agenda items of DISEC which are Military Interventions in Internal Conflicts, and Emphasizing the Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea. Our DISEC committee is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced delegates.

The third committee of ETUMUN’18 is the United Nations Security Council. The two issues that will be focused in the UNSC which chosen carefully in order to create highly fruitful debates within the committee are Partition of Cyprus and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. UNSC is a suitable committee for highly experienced delegates.

Our fourth committee is the U.S. House of Representatives. This committee is designed to be an exact simulation of the U.S. House and will have an open agenda. We suggest experienced delegates to apply for this committee.

Last but not least, the fifth committee is the Futuristic Grand National Assembly. The committee will take place in 2023 just a month prior to the elections. With 5 different parties in the Assembly, delegates will have to both copes with the national problems and carry on election campaigns for their parties. Futuristic Grand National Assembly is a committee for highly experienced delegates.

As you can see our committees and agendas are picked very carefully in order to address current and controversial issues that would always keep the tension high and the debates heated in the committees. We have to admit that we aim to have a conference which will challenge both our delegates and our academic team.

6. Ankara is well-known for its beautiful cafeterias, pubs and social centres for students as it is one of the most important student cities of the world. We are sure that all MUNers would like to hear more about your social events and MUN Parties?

We are planning on 3 different social events, one, of course, will be in one of the hottest nightclubs in town; our second event will be a private mansion party, most likely to be the first of its kind and about the last one well no spoilers guys we can just say that will be nothing like you know.

7. What are the top 3 reasons to attend ETUMUN ’18?

1) ETUMUN has high-quality committees with highly experienced academic team members and no doubt that will contribute greatly to our participants’ knowledge and their educations.

2) You will meet a variety of new people from different age groups, ethnicities, educational backgrounds and will create a new social network.

3) ETUMUN is a family and we guarantee that our MUNers will feel the warmth and love that they have never seen in a MUN before because in ETUMUN we cherish our delegates and they become a part of our family.

8. As you know has started 2 new projects named MUNFashion and MUN Academics to give more information about the fashion of MUN and MUN terms. What can you say about MUNFashion and MUN Academics?

We closely follow MUNFashion, and we think you have great editors that know what they are doing! About MUN Academics we are looking forward to seeing them becoming more active 😉

9. Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you think contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

As the Secretary-General I, Zeynep, will personally answer this question and hopefully be able to put some human touch in it.

First of all, we thank YOU, for this interview. We are so glad to be a part of the MUN World as we are taking our duties very seriously, trying to reach perfection with our work and making sure that we are providing our participants with the best experience we can.

Once when I was a delegate my mentor told me in a pitiful voice that there is a food chain in MUN which goes from bottom to top as admins, delegates, committee boards, organization team, and the Secretariat. Well in ETUMUN that food chain goes just the opposite way, we are here to serve our participants so for us you are the ones in the top and we are in the bottom! Without our participants there simply won’t be an ETUMUN’18.

Therefore a huge applause goes to for standing as a bridge between conferences like ours and the delegates. I have never seen a group of people working this dedicated and this focused with only the intention of helping MUN Conferences and MUNers. What you are doing is admirable all I can say that keep up the good work, PLEASE!

As PR Team, we highly encourage all MUNers to attend ETUMUN’18! is the official media partner of ETUMUN’18!

You can visit the website of ETUMUN’18

MUNTurkey.comPR Team

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