Special Interview with CUMUN’19 Hello CUMUN’19 Team! This year is going to be the first session of CUMUN’19 and we are sure that CUMUN’19 is going to provide its participants with a realistic and professional experience of the international debate environment. Let’s begin 🙂

1. Could you please introduce the academic and organization team briefly? We are sure that everyone would love to know the successful team behind the conference.
CUMUN’19: Of course, as well as MUN experience, our organization team is also experienced in normal life organization situations. Especially, our sponsorship and logistic teams we are very assertive in these matters. The academic staff is comprised of all of Turkey. We don’t even need to mention their experiences. We believe, they are the best.

2. This year CUMUN’19 has very interesting committees that are closely related to the UN. How did you create your committees and your agenda items? Is there any difference between the levels of committees? What committee should first-timers and experienced delegate prefer?

CUMUN’19: Our committees cater to many different people. This year, we have identified two crisis committees, one of which is the fan committee. Game of Thrones and Vietnam War. Our other committees is a part of the United Nations. First Timers can choose DISEC, UNODC, and UNWOMEN.
intermediate MUNers can choose Game of Thrones and OIC. And experienced delegates can choose Vietnam War and NATO committees in our committee preferences page.

3. Is it possible to give us more information about Game of Thrones committee?
CUMUN’19: Of course, our Game of Thrones committee appeals to mid-level people. But the most important thing in this committee is Game of Thrones knowledge. Because we have just one cabinet in this committee.If you have enough information about the Game of Thrones you can have too much fun in this committee with us.

4. There are a lot of MUN conferences around the world recently. To be honest, MUNers have started to choose the MUN conferences they want to attend more delicately and everybody looks for a good reason. From your point of view, why should people take place in the first edition of CUMUN’19?

CUMUN’19: Because CUMUN’19 conference is prepared by confident people. Our organization team is experienced and entertaining people. Our academic team is more experienced as we mentioned before. You can understand this with the topics of our committees. After all, we have awesome sponsors and matchless social. You can read social details in the following questions.

5. So, could you please tell us more about socials of CUMUN’19?
CUMUN’19: We are sure for the no one will be bored in our coffee breaks. But, we are very assertive for our social. We will go to Çeşme for the pool party after the last day of our conference! We have an agreement with Whisper Summer House. We will go and back Çeşme with our shuttles. Everyone will in their home at 11.30 maximum. You can have very unforgettable moments with our pool party social.

6. İzmir is a great destination for a holiday. Can we say that CUMUN’19 is offering the best way to spend the holiday for both students and teachers? What can you tell about the venue and attractions in İzmir?

CUMUN’19: Our location is one of the most popular places in Izmir. Bornova, Küçükpark!. You can hang out in küçükpark because küçüükpark is the most interesting place in Bornova ( by the way our hotel is very close to küçükpark.) And before and after the conference you can hang out in all of the places in İzmir. Because like you said, İzmir is very awesome city and every part of İzmir is very special.

7. As you know, we have started a new project named MUNFashion! We are curious about the dress code. Could you please briefly inform us about the dress code of the conference? Furthermore, what else can you say about the fashion of MUN?

CUMUN’19: First of all we would like to say formal clothes look very good for young people. We will take very good pictures for Munfashion page. Let’s talk about our dress code rules. No one stays relax at the conference with him or her clothes. Because we will in the model united nations. The suit is suitable for males. And, formal skirts are suitable for females.

8. Thank you very much for this great interview. We are sure you would like to add more about yourself or MUN world. And, last but not least, what can you tell us about Do you think contributes to the development of MUN conferences and students’ self-improvement?

CUMUN’19: We believe, is a very unifying power for the mun society in Turkey. we appreciate your works. You are making people sincere with each other. Thank you once again.

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