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Dear distinguished participants,

It is my supreme gratification to welcome you all to the second annual session of Bursa Ipekcilik Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School’s MUN Conference. My name is Şeyma Çakar and I am highly indebted to serve you as the Secretary-General of MUNIA’18, which is going to be held on October 19th-21st, 2018 in Bursa Technical University.

The harvest season for our national and international MUN experiences which have been continuing non-stop over the last three years has finally come, so that now we are proudly announcing our international MUN conference under the name of MUNIA’18 as an addition to the conference that we held exclusively for our school’s students in October 2017.

We have to be aware of the fact that, innocent tears and screams are increasing day by day and if we do not take any action to resolve our problems, mankind will be doomed to ring its own death knell. By adopting this view, you, the delegates will have the chance to share the views of the countries or the characters that you will represent, about the societies that shut their ears when it comes to women's rights, the countries that cannot even find a single drop of water to drink, the gradual body count which is gaining a worrisome amount of momentum because of ongoing severe conflicts, the organizations that exploit religions for the sake of their own agenda, and many more political discussions; by way of our hand-picked five committees: UN Security Council, UN Women Committee, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Sustainable Development Committee and Astana Talks.

It is rather explicit that we must be ready in order to coexist peacefully based on a quote of Beau Norton, "Peace is not something that can be achieved but rather something that one must become."

Last but not least, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the members of MUNIA’18, who have supported me on this path and who have dedicated themselves to this conference. And you dear delegates, it is a fact that we are nothing without you.
I am looking forward to meeting you all in person in one of the worth seeing cities of Turkey, Bursa.


Secretary-General of MUNIA’18

Letter from our Secretary-General Barlas Türkyılmaz

Dear delegates,

The media landscape as we know it is rapidly changing. Nobody could have imagined the times we are currently going through, say, 10 years ago. Social media is taking over the world by storm, and the once mighty mainstream media machine is slowly dying, with the endgame not in sight.

Throughout the years, social media has been labelled as many things. Some saw it as a new way for the surveillance state to spy on its people, but some others hailed it as a new way to propagate free speech. Lots of people have been brought into the political process by social media, and it played a very big role in recent popular uprisings such as the protests against the regime in Iran in 2009, in the Arab world uprising in 2011 and in the Euromaidan movement of 2013. To many, tweets seemed mightier than the sword. As Kofi Annan said: „By connecting people and giving them a voice, especially in countries that curtail the right of assembly and freedom of speech, social media was viewed as an unprecedented global force for citizens’ emancipation.“

However, authoritarian regimes soon started cracking down on Internet freedom. They feared that this type of communication tool was beyond the understanding of their old-fashioned security establishments. But it did not take long for them to learn to use these tools to their own advantage. Smartphones and the Internet are spreading like wildfire in the developing world, where democratic institutions are not based on such firm ground like their Western counterparts. For example, the last gubernatorial elections in Indonesia experienced a surge in the fake news to heighten sectarian tensions in order to mobilize voters. But the problem is not limited to the developing world. Once governments mastered the techniques to use these tools at home, they started using them abroad. One widely known example of this is the alleged Russian meddling in recent elections taken place in France, Germany, Ukraine, and last but not least, in the 2016 US presidential election. Facebook estimates that the Russian content in its network reached 126 million Americans, which amounts to around 40% of the population. In times when even the most technically savvy nations cannot protect the integrity of their elections, it is pretty easy to guess how tough it is to hold elections in developing countries.

At this point, we are talking about information warfare. The wars of tomorrow are not going to be fought on battlefields, they will be fought behind computer screens or through proxies acting on behalf of more powerful countries. The absence of facts and data, and the possibility of manipulation, fuels conspiracy theories. This is a global threat to democracy and freedom. It undermines the legitimacy of democratically elected governments at a time the trust in government is already very low.

Citizens are gradually divided into small ideological groups, fueling biases, and diminishing opportunities for healthy debate. A robust atmosphere for debate is necessary for democracies to function, and the absence thereof lays the foundations of political pluralization and lessens the capacity of our leaders to forge political compromises, which is a stepping stone for our democracies to work.

Once hailed as guardians of free speech, social media companies now are being labelled as villains. Is this the right way to handle this problem? Will blaming social media and cautioning against it solve the whole ordeal? This is where you come in, distinguished delegates. The future is in your hands because you are the participants in the political process. It takes only a handful of willing people to change the world because it is the only thing that ever has done it before. But you have to act fast because social media could be just the start of a slippery slope leading to a truly Orwellian world in which Big Data gets manipulated by Big Brother.

I wish you luck in your MUN career and hope to see you at this year’s session of IELMUN.

Barlas Türkyılmaz


Letter from the Secretary-General

Most esteemed executive team members, academic and organisation team members, dear delegates, participants, ladies and gentlemen, My name is Berkcan Yalçın and this will be my second year in Bilkent University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. After 5 years of MUN experience, today I will serve as Secretary General. It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the sixth annual session of Ankara Model United Nations which is going to be held on 25-28 August 2018. 6 unique, prestigious, joyful and thrilling committees that were created by highly experienced academic team members, that are ready and waiting for your participation! 4 English and 2 Turkish committees will be entertained in ANMUN 2018. In one hand, you can contribute to the economy in International Monetary Fund (IMF) committee, by using the key of capitalism; or you can fight with the illegal use of narcotic drugs or criminal in United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) committee. If you wish, you can save the rights of our bellowed queens, mothers in the UNWOMEN committee. If you are dreaming to rewrite the history, Paris Peace Conference is the best place for you to join. Moreover, 2 different and tasteful Turkish committees are awaiting you to collaborate. Birleşmiş Milletler Bilim ve Teknoloji Yüksek Kurulu (UNCSTD) and Dünya Sağlık Örgütü (DSÖ) committees are here to discuss the serious problems in your own language. On behalf of my academic team, I will guarantee you that ANMUN 2018 will be the most enjoyable, most academic and unforgettable conference in your life. I wish you a pleasant conference, fruitful debates and unforgettable memories.

Having acknowledged the committees, I am looking forward to meeting you all in person and wish a conducive and discursive conference filled with acquaintances, joy and memories.

Let ANMUN begin! Berkcan YALÇIN Secretary General of ANMUN 2018


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