Quarantine Model United Nations
28-29-30 April 2020

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Most Esteemed Participants,

I am Berkay Korkmaz and I am honored to serve you as your Secretary General of Q-MUN .I would like to introduce you our conference, Q-MUN which will be held between 28-30 April 2020.

We as the youth are going through a hard time and it has affected many lives including ours. Many of us can not do the things we usually do on a daily basis. But as the secretariat of Q-MUN we are doing our very best to make your time in quarantine enjoyable.

At this conference we will be hosting our esteemed participants at 6 committees. One of them being a JMUN committee (UNICEF), the other one being our Turkish committee (ECOFIN). We also have four other committees which will be held in English, one of them being a Crisis Committee (Plague), other committees being CC: The Barrow Gang, UNODA and UNEP.

Our theme for this conference is the coronavirus outbreak so that is why we mostly have this topic as our agenda item. But that will diversey between the committees.

Lastly, I hope to see you all at Q-MUN.
Kindest Regards,

Berkay Korkmaz
Secretary General of Q-MUN



The UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) is an Office of the United Nations Secretariat established in January 1998 as the Department for Disarmament Affairs, part of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s plan to reform the UN as presented in his report to the General Assembly in July 1997.Its goal is to promote nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation and the strengthening of the disarmament regimes in respect to other weapons of mass destruction, chemical and biological weapons. It also promotes disarmament efforts in the area of conventional weapons, especially landmines and small arms, which are often the weapons of choice in contemporary conflicts.

Agenda Item: The armament of the US citizens due to COVID-19

Under Secretary-General: TBA


The United Nations Environment Programme is a programme of the United Nations that coordinates the organization’s environmental activities and assists developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices. It was founded by Maurice Strong, its first director, as a result of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (Stockholm Conference) in June 1972 and has overall responsibility for environmental problems among United Nations agencies; however, international talks on specialized issues, such as addressing climate change or combating desertification, are overseen by other UN organizations, like the Bonn-based Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. UNEP’s activities cover a wide range of issues regarding the atmosphere, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, environmental governance and green economy.It has played a significant role in developing international environmental conventions, promoting environmental science and information and illustrating the way those can be implemented in conjunction with policy, working on the development and implementation of policy with national governments, regional institutions in conjunction with environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Agenda Item: Taking possible measures to end the bushfires in Australia

Under Secretary-General: Aleyna Bakar


The United Nations Children’s Fund is a United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. Operating out of U.N. headquarters in New York City, it is among the most widespread and recognizable social welfare organizations in the world, with a presence in 192 countries and territories.UNICEF’s activities include immunizations and disease prevention, administering treatment for children and mothers with HIV, enhancing childhood and maternal nutrition, improving sanitation, promoting education, and providing emergency relief in response to disasters.UNICEF has its origins in the International Children’s Emergency Fund (ICEF), created in 1946 by the U.N. Relief Rehabilitation Administration to provide immediate relief and healthcare to children and mothers affected by World War II.

Agenda Item: COVID-19’s effects on the children in LDCs and possible measures to take in order to prevent these effects

Under Secretary-General: Alper Kaan Özbek

Genel Kurul 2.Komitesi: Ekonomik ve Mali İşler Konseyi (ECOFIN)

Ekonomik ve Mali İşler Konseyi, Avrupa Birliği Konseyinin en eski yapılandırmalarından biridir ve 27 Avrupa Birliği üye ülkesinin ekonomi ve maliye bakanlarından ve bütçe konuları tartışıldığında Bütçe Bakanlarından oluşur.

Gündem Maddesi: Tüm dünyayı etkisi altına alan COVID-19 virüsü sağlık kadar ekonomi ve ticaret gibi alanalarda da büyük zararlara yol açmıştır. Oluşan bu zararları sıfıra indirmek ve ekonomi faaliyetlerinin eski düzenine sokmak için neler yapılabilir?

Genel Sekreter Müsteşarı: Asil Özülgülü

Crisis Committee : Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a real-time strategy simulation video game, developed and published by UK-based independent games studio Ndemic Creations. The player creates and evolves a pathogen in an effort to annihilate the human population with a deadly plague. The game uses an epidemic model with a complex and realistic set of variables to simulate the spread and severity of the plague.Plague Inc. has been downloaded over 85 million times and was positively received by critics. It was a runner up in the IGN Game of the Year 2012 awards for ‘Overall Best Strategy Game’. The game continues to have an active community and is regularly updated.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under Secretary-General: Adnan Cem KIRAL

Head of Crisis: Bora AKAR




April 28th

17.00-17.40 Meeting Session

17.40-18.00 coffee break

18.00-19.00 Training Session

April 29th

10.00-11.00 1st session
11.00-11.30 coffee break
11.30-12.30 2nd session
12.30-13.30 Lunch break
13.30-14.30 3rd session
14.30-15.00 coffee break
15.00-16.00 4th session
16.00-16.30 coffee break
16.30-17.30 5th session
17.30-17.45 coffee break
17.45-18.35 6th session

April 30th

10.00-11.00 7th session
11.00-11.30 coffee break
11.30-12.30 8th session
12.30-13.30 Lunch break
13.30-14.30 9th session
14.30-15.00 coffee break
15.00-16.00 10th session
16.00-16.30 coffee break
16.30-17.30 11th session
17.30-17.45 coffee break
17.45-18.35 12th session

20.00 Closing ceremony




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Merve İpek: +90 538 738 01 83