New Foreign Language Teaching Model: Model United Nations


New Foreign Language Teaching Model: Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a new foreign language teaching Model used actively by many schools, institutions, and organizations. MUN, also known as an educational simulation and the most prestigious academic activity for its participants, provides tremendous benefits for students, teachers, and schools. Members of MUN can develop their foreign language, public speaking, and research skills. Moreover, they can improve their knowledge about politics, diplomacy, international relations, world trends and the United Nations. By attending an MUN conference, one gets the chance of being a leader or a member of a group and involves in writing official papers such as resolution or position paper, and in modern debating techniques as well as problem-solving activities. Some schools such as Winthrop University have already added MUN to their external curriculum with the course names of Model UN Symposium and Collegiate Model United Nations.

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The importance of MUN conferences held at the secondary & high school level and university level has increased on a large scale in the education field recently.

As, we are working to provide the efficient match between MUN participants and MUN organizations. We promote MUN conferences around the world and present all valuable conferences to the participants. Furthermore, MUN organizers may benefit from a wide range of products from adding the conference to the calendar to providing a full IT service by establishing a professional website. There are different promotion packages prepared for MUN organizers. Please visit for further details. Supports MUN Conferences! is the biggest MUN Community-based in Turkey serving to more than 2.000 domestic and international members. We are planning to offer more participants by promoting conferences applied to us with the wide range of products that we offer.

Besides, will be always with you during the conference in case you need any further assistance. For partnership and sponsorship offers, please send an email to

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  1. MUN Conference Calendar

You can reach all MUN and JMUN(Junior) Conference across Turkey and world! You can see details regarding conferences such as venue, date, website, social media accounts, level (secondary school, high school, university) and registration information. Here is the link;


  1. MUN Review Page

You can rate and make comment on MUN conferences that you have attended. If you want to share your ideas about any MUN conferences, just visit MUN Review page and let people know what you think! You can also read previous comments and get an idea of MUN conferences!


  1. MUN Tutorial Page

If you are new to MUN world and want to know more about this simulation, you can visit and learn all MUN terms. You can watch training videos and download a lot of MUN documents for free!


  • Chair Bank 

As, we provide Chairpersons for all MUN conference across the world. If you are an MUN organizer or a chairperson, please visit our Chair Bank Page and start getting invitations from


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We have a great MUN Blog for you! If you want to learn the latest news on MUN world, please visit our Blog and enjoy reading our posts! Don’t forget to leave a comment to let our community know what you think!


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