MUNBU 2018 Review Written by Committee Director Beril Anıl

MUNBU 2018

MUNBU 2018 Review Written by Committee Director Beril Anıl

Hello to you all lovely MUNTurkey followers! I’d like to start by introducing myself; I am Beril Anıl, a junior at Ankara Atatürk High School. I can say that I became a MUN nerd in less than two years and it seems that it is going to be this way for a long time as well. I am not here to talk about myself so let’s review MUNBU 2018 from a committee director’s point of view!

    I was one of the committee directors responsible for United Nations Human Rights Council. Although UNHRC is a committee for beginners in general, delegates of UNHRC were amazing for their level and I never felt like I was working with “beginners” because I am sure that they were debating in their past lives before they reincarnated. Our delegates just finished debating at the end of the second day and they were writing working papers, they were literally stunning! In contrary to the common stereotype towards first-timer committees, this one went beyond expectations for me and managed to change my mind. When I talked to other lovely committee directors, they also agreed with me and stated that their delegates were qualified as well. For me, the delegate quality affects many things in a conference and finding qualified delegates is hard these days. I need to admit that a few things went wrong, but it is a normal situation to happen. Except that I was happy to be chairing my committee. Delegate quality is a plus for me at a conference and I can definitely say that MUNBU 2018 was honestly good in the delegate quality.

    The academic team was truly hardworking, everyone tried to do the best of themselves to satisfy every single person no matter what position they are in. I also want to add that being a committee director was an amazing experience for me, besides being joyful and honoured I felt that MUNBU has given me a lot of knowledge academically, I felt the same when I was a delegate in MUNBU 2017. I couldn’t read all study guides of course but I realised that the information in all study guides was efficient enough to understand the background information and the importance of the problems that need to be covered. From my point of view, I highly believe a MUN participant should be able to arrange her/his attitude all the time and as far as I observed for the last two MUNBU conferences, MUNBU has the atmosphere to make you feel the necessity to control your attitude. I don’t feel that atmosphere in every single conference and when I do, it really makes me happy. It is the most important thing for me to feel the diplomacy in my veins and bones until the coffee break.

    Speaking of the coffee breaks, I just need to be objective about the organisation. First of all çiğköfte and pizza were the delicious details of the conference, even though the ones mastered çiğköfte were complaining about it but it is çiğköfte after all. Well, I do know that the MUNBU 2018 Team is also aware of the problems but I also know that everything they did was their best options and I realise how many obstacles that the team had to deal with while trying to organise a conference. That’s why I am totally okay with the following little issues. First of all, the coffee break area was a problem for most of the participants, the area was small and hard to reach since the committees were dispersed. In addition, as I’ve heard from most of the participants, it was kind of hard to spend the whole time in the classes. I don’t want to address the problems that I did not face so everything else was well prepared in my opinion. Conference materials were really qualified I believe it is an indicator of the organisation team’s effort on the details. As a conclusion of this paragraph, there were organisational little issues but the rest was amazing!

            I would like to conclude my article before you start yawning! Since my expectation from a conference is based on academia other participants might not agree with me but every comment is based on the expectations. It was a 4 day-conference which is tiring but I enjoyed a lot at the same time. Most importantly the conference increased my enthusiasm on MUN and my post-MUN-syndrome was painful, friendships were warm and it was enough to create a warmer atmosphere! “Last but not least”, I would like to thank family for hosting me in this incredible website, the MUNBU 2018 Team for hosting me and giving me the chance to work with them and all of the readers of! I hope I could share my experiences about MUNBU 2018 properly and help you to have an idea about what happened there.

Beril ANIL

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