MUN: The Most Enthusiastic Way to Improve Yourself! The Distinctive MUN Journey of Zeynep AŞKIN

MUN: The Most Enthusiastic Way to Improve Yourself! The Distinctive MUN Journey of Zeynep AŞKIN

MUN: The Most Enthusiastic Way to Improve Yourself! The Distinctive MUN Journey of Zeynep AŞKIN. Hi everyone! I am grateful to for the opportunity to be a columnist and share my ideas on UN & MUN with you! At the beginning of my first article in Munturkey; I would like to introduce myself. I’m Zeynep Aşkın, a student at Bursa Private Tan High School at 11th grades. I am interested in policy thus I do MUN so willingly for a while.

How I started my MUN journey, and now where I am?

Everyone has different beginnings and different durations but mine was so distinctive. When I was in 9th grade; our school Mun Club organized the TanMUN’16; some of my friends forced me to attend the conference and I found myself at SPECPOL Committee as a delegate of Israel. Before the conference I did not know anything about MUN also didn’t read the study guide because of these I couldn’t do anything in the committee; moreover all of the delegates so active that I had difficulty in expressing my opinions. Although I was chosen as a”sleeping beauty” delegate at the end of the conference I believed myself to do my best in the future. That is the time when I have started my life, MUN.

When I was at 10th grade, I was more aware of our world’s problems, without saying how we could do for solving or creating better conditions for the issues; I have joined our school Mun Club. Never ever, do not underestimate yourself; maybe we are small pieces of our world but we can do lots of things with cooperation like snowball effects; at the first stage it seems like a small but it spread all over the world with our combined solutions.

These are the reasons why I have kept my journey all of the time. The next step for me was attending EuroAsia’16, which was a wonderful experience. I was a delegate of Belgium in World Health Organization and every time my placard was kept high. Although I couldn’t get an award, I was so happy because everyone on our committee tells me “You were brilliant even if that was your second time.” But the not only academic process has gone, we learnt how we lived with our fellows and especially the people who haven’t known each other; all in all we had great memories with them but the thing which  remained in my mind was drinking lots of cup of coffee in order to be awake during the conference. (If you are passionate MUNer, you know the meanings and importance of coffee very well.)

Except for the MUN conferences we were studying so much for our school MUN Club with submitting lots of resolutions, preparing our motions especially being a chair which are the things that increase my self-confidence and improve myself very well. Our Mun Club organized the TanMUN’17 and I was representing Russian Federation in DISEC. During the committee I always raised my placard high and with the other delegates we submitted a resolution with brainstorming and we created lots of solutions for the issue. When we were closing ceremony the awards was announced even though I didn’t expect to get the Best Delegate award, our chairs announced the best delegate was Russian Federation. Never I have ever felt shocked like that; because of the I was a blessing, couldn’t control my tears. Maybe it was the most special moment for me because I learned lots of things about the politics and globality, got new perspectives and got an award.

When I started my Mun journey, I had only one dream; that was attending MUNDP in Koc Schools. Before the conference, I worked so hard that I have submitted 3 resolutions about all of the agenda items while we were having  lessons at school in order to get an award but I have learnt that; there wasn’t any award in MUNDP’17 because of that I was fully disappointed and I said that I worked in vail. Our advisor told me ” Sometimes things do not go in the way you expected them to be but you need to keep your work and do your best.” which influenced me deeply thus I kept my workings and represented a resolution as a delegate of Iran in UNEP. At the end of the voting procedure; our resolution passed with a clear majority which enables to me be in seventh heaven. Moreover; I could have never guessed how I showed an outstanding performance but I really couldn’t think I could do more than what I have already done.

Before I conclude my article, I would like to tell the most significant conference; TANMUN’18; since it has contributed me things nothing could ever possibly give. I served as the Director-General and the board member of UNHCR in TANMUN’18. In our committee; we dealt with refugees’ problem and 3 important crisis. All of the delegates were great, especially our admin staffs and other noble chair showed outstanding performance; without their enthusiasm and everlasting energy, UNHCR wouldn’t be possible. At the fun sessions; lots of delegates deserved some punishments and we; the board members and dearest admin staffs; found creativity punishment which caused to hear “You were so creativity punishers” by the delegates. All in all; I believed we succeeded lots of thing with cooperation with the help of the family members of UNHCR and I am really happy to have them.Everything was greater than I’ve expected; maybe finishing the conference was the hardest thing for me; because we had a great time with great people.

In my point of view; I have learnt lots of things academical such as; global issues, politics, producers and so on; but not only them. Since I began my MUN journey; I made lots of friends from conferences. Moreover; the social events engraved in my mind with different moments. Frankly; you will understand it is not an academic process; it is the most important way how to improve yourself, how to be more globality person and how to be happy. Especially; you will understand the importance of their friends’ and advisors’ courage. Lastly; I would like to thank all of them; who support me so far.

To sum up; always try to do your best and be active in the conference while debating and lobbying. Never ever you shouldn’t say “I can’t do it because of lack of self-confidence.”; only keep your works. Lastly, I hope you enjoyed reading my first article. Grab every opportunity with enthusiasm, keep your placards up and have fun doing it.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Zeynep AŞKIN

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