Mun Career or a Career for life? by Melisa DERTLİ

Mun Career or a Career for life?

My name is Melisa and I am a tenth grader at Ted Ankara College. My Mun career started when I got into high school. Everyone at my school was talking about this one particular club, that was rather hard to be a part of, comparing to other clubs. It was The Politics and Diplomacy club. After two weeks of high school, I started seeing posters of that club everywhere. I took a look at it and saw that the application process had two stages.

The first stage was writing an essay in one of the given two topics. If your essay was good enough, you could make it to the second stage, which was an interview with our advisor. Luckily, I got in. I can easily say that it was one of the best decisions I have made. Months passed and I heard this conference called “Tedmun” which was apparently organised by my school. Not knowing what a MUN conference was or what it did, I got scared and anxious. But I did know one thing. I knew that I wanted to be courageous. So, I put my hand up, when our advisor asked if there were anyone wishing to be an admin. Later, I was chosen to be the admin of HRC-1. The agenda item of that committee was amazing. It was about freedom of sexual orientation and every delegate on the house was very active, very energetic which made the debates very intense. When Tedmun ended, I was very sorry for sure, but at the same time, I was kind of relieved. I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I wanted to be a diplomat, or as Muner’s put it, a delegate, however, I did not experience being a delegate myself until I have attended Eurasia. It was a lovely conference held by Ted University. Our school attended as a delegation of I think 15 people. I was the delegate of Hungary in GA-1 committee. Even though the resolution was not very successful, I still had a very good time. After Euroasia, I took a little break from Mun, I was overwhelmed with school and did not have the time to attend a conference, until the spring of 2017.

In April, me and 8 other friends of mine attended to Eurosima, a conference held by METU. We were in a historical committee, and our agenda item was Seneca Falls. I have to say it was a great committee. Not only did I enjoy the issues very much but also I made a lot of friendships that I know will last for a long time. I was awarded an honourable mention, which only made things better. Later on, after exactly a week after Eurosima, I attended Tamun. The venue in which the conference took place was wonderful, and our committee had a beautiful view that overlooked the sea. I was again in a historical committee and things got very fierce, even to a point where we changed the course of the history forever and declared war on Ottoman Empire delegate & demolished that empire.


Then, when summer break was just about to end, we attended Ielmun, a conference that was a milestone for all that attended. IELMUN was a conference that I will forever cherish and remember. We attended with 8 of my best friends and when the people and the places are good, you create the most amazing memories. The first day of Ielmun was an indicator that showed us how we will have a blast in the next following 4 days. We were all experienced delegates so we ditched the workshops and took an uber to the maiden’s tower (Kız Kulesi).

After that, we went to the opening ceremony and when that ended too, we decided to take a little trip to Ortakoy. The whole conference was wonderful, except minor organisation team mistakes. I was in the Arab League committee and that was an extreme and savage committee. Everyone in the committee was very well aware of the issues that were happening in the Middle East and everyone really knew their countries policies. I and the delegate of Qatar were always in fierce arguments as our policies were really contradicting. It seems that those arguments have helped as I was awarded the best delegate award. IELMUN was a very remarkable experience that I got a tattoo, just to make sure I will remember those great times.

Sadly, two weeks after Ielmun, school started. But that didn’t stop us. We attended to Bhmun, in ICJ as a judge in October. It is a different concept that any other committees, in ICJ you are not representing any country but yourself. We enjoyed ourselves so much in ICJ that I and one of my best friends Gülce decided to attend MCMUN as advocates in ICJ. Now, when you are an advocate in ICJ, you don’t really spend time in the committee, which became handy because we had the opportunity to go around and see what other committees were doing. Although we sadly did not win the case, nor lose it for that matter, we did have a great time.

Last but not least, there is ACMUN, my first chairing experience thus far. I was not sure whether to attend this conference or not since it was their first session, but I attended and I am so glad that I did! The whole committee was just full of people that I knew previously from other conferences and therefore the environment was very friendly. The organising team was very considerate very helpful and I am really glad I didn’t miss out that chance.

Coming to my final thoughts about MUN… I want to study politics and diplomacy in university, so I don’t do MUN because it is fun and everything but I do it mostly because it is a wonderful experience for my undergraduate life. I made so many memories, met with so many great people and had so many laughs and cries that Mun is holding a very big part of my life.

Now, I cant guarantee that you will love it as much as we do, or I cant guarantee you will always have a good time and never a bad minute, but I can guarantee that it will enlighten you and fundamentally change and develop the way you see yourself and the world.

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