Hi there! I’m Miray, a seventeen-year-old with such a passion for MUN. Since I’ve become a senior this year, I’m no longer available to be an active MUNer -sadly-. However, it doesn’t mean that I have to cut MUN off my life as a whole. While adding my endless appreciation for the MUNTurkey team for providing me such an amazing platform, I would like to state my excitement to be able to talk about MUN without the fear of boring someone, hopefully at least 😉 If you are ready for this journey as well, then let’s make this season a great one!


EYP Calendar

EYP CalendarEYP Calendar Conference Month Day Year Level Institution Language Procedure Website Social Media X.TİUF Şubat 08 - 11 2019 Lise TED İstanbul Türkçe EYP X.TİUF WebsiteX.TİUF Instagram KoçForum February 14 - 17 2019 High School KOÇ English EYP KoçForumKoçForum Instagram YECAF ✓ Şubat 15 - 18 2019 Lise Öğrenc Senatosu Türkçe EYP YECAF WebsiteYECAF Instagram OLUF Mart 22 - [...]

MUN Calendar

MUN Conferences in Turkey 2018 - 2019MUN Conferences in Turkey 2018 - 2019 City Conference Month Day Year Level Institution Language Procedure Website Social Media Antalya MUNTR ✔ March 04 - 08 2019 High Sc - Uni MUNA English HARVARD MUNTR WebsiteMUNTR Instagram istanbul HFÖMUN ✔ March 06 - 09 2019 High Sc - Uni H.Ferruh Özgen AL English HARVARD [...]

CALMUN’19 – 10 Questions & 10 Answers

1. When and where will the CALMUN’19 happen? CALMUN will take place between 9th and 12th of May in Yıldız Technical University, Yıldız Campus.   2. How much is the fee for the conference? The conditional donation amount is 260 Turkish Liras for delegates, 200 Turkish Liras for press members, 160 Turkish Liras for administrative staff, 150 Turkish Liras for […]

Special Interview with GALMUN’19

1. “United Like the Galaxy” is the theme of GALMUN’19. Could you please share its story with us? At the outset of the first term, our MUN club struggled from lots of problems and adjourned for 2-3 months, all of the members have lost their motivation in order to exist as an active MUNer. Then our lovely advisor, Hanife Muik, […]

4 Ways to Make Your Note Passing More Effective by Ayşe İnci DAL

I am sure that you always see those kinds of delegates who always write and pass notepaper to delegates in the committee. Everyone knows quite well that kind of delegates are so cool and mysterious  There is a delegate who always send message papers to others his those delegates who use paper very effectively are always very cool. Their hands […]

10 Things Every Delegate Should Do in the First Session by Irmak Okur

10 Things Every Delegate Should Do in the First Session   1- Observe the Committee Environment Before taking an action it is wise to just to stop and see what happens on that session. To act properly, we should consider the environment that we are in at that current time and location. Especially observing people is the key element. Focus […]

What is the THIMUN procedure? by Dila KADIGİL

Each MUN conference has a procedure and follows this procedure throughout the conference. One of the most common procedure is the THIMUN procedure. What is the THIMUN procedure? THIMUN procedure is greatly recognized in the United Nations. Most of the international MUN conferences follow THIMUN or procedures affiliated to THIMUN. Rules of THIMUN procedure has been developed and used for […]

THIMUN Prosedürü Nedir?

THIMUN Prosedürü Nedir? Prosedür birçok açıdan hepimizi sıkıntıya sokan ve anlaşılması zor kurallar silsilesi gibi gelebilir ki haklısınız. Yıllardır bu kurallar sürekli değişiklik gösteriyor ve delegeleri hatta zaman zaman chairleri bile zor duruma sokabiliyor. Biz de sizlerden gelen talep üzerine  dünyada en yaygın olan HARVARD ve THIMUN  prosedürlerini mercek altına alıyoruz ve aradaki farkları anlatıyoruz. Bu makaleyi okuduktan sonra umarız […]

Special Interview with BESTMUN’19 Team

MUNTurkey.com: Hello BESTMUN’19 Team! As MUNTurkey.com, we feel so proud to work with BESTMUN’19 as a Media Sponsor! Beştepe Schools is going to hold an MUN conference the first time and we are so excited to have an interview with you and spread the idea of international MUN in Turkey across the country and the world! 1. MUNTurkey.com: “United to […]

Special Interview with KAIHLMUN’19 Team

1) MUNTurkey.com: KAIHLMUN’19 is one of the few international MUN conferences in Turkey. So what makes KAIHLMUN’19 an international MUN and from which countries you are going to host delegates and delegations? KAIHLMUN receives delegates from all over the world, regardless of their countries. The fourth edition of KAIHLMUN has so far received applications from Canada, United States, South Africa, […]


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