My name is Melisa Ceylin Gönen. I live in Istanbul and I’m currently an 11th grader at Kültür College. I started MUN at the end of the 9th grade and enjoyed it a lot. After that, I wanted to continue to learn and improve myself in this atmosphere.MUN has helped us with public speaking and my social interactions. I’m honoured to have the chance to inspire the people of MUN, the way that it’s inspired me.


How To Open And Run An MUN Club By Melisa Ceylin GÖNEN

How To Open And Run An MUN Club By Melisa Ceylin GÖNEN We all participate in Model UN and enjoy the time that is spent there. At the beginning and the end of the conference, we watch videos of preparation. But do we ever wonder how did they prepare this conference? What was the first step? How is the organization...

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