Legendary Online Model United Nations
22-24 May 2020

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Letter From Secretary-General

Honorable participants;

It is an immense honor for me, as the Secretary-General of the conference, to introduce to you Legendary Model United Nations 2020.
First of all, I would be glad to see you among us.

Model UN has always had the power to make people stand up for what they believe in and create a fostering environment for knowledge. This power creates a desire to not only learn about the world, but help find solutions that can combat the problems many people are facing.

We tried to organize a good conference for you as much as we can. We have 6 committees, 3 in English and 3 in Turkish. We tried to be a different and beautiful conference as much as we can.

I hope Legendary MUN will bring you the inspiration and empowerment with which Model UN has gifted me.

f we can assist you with any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at erdmaysenur@gmail.com or you can write legendarymun20@gmail.com. We are excited to embark on this innovative and unique journey with you, and we cannot wait to welcome you to

Legendary MUN this May!
Kind regards;  
Ayşenur Erdem
Secretary-General at Legendary Model United Nations Conference 2020



Agenda Item:

The situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Agenda Item:

Preventing organ trafficking in the world.



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