I’m 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. I attended conferences academically, as a chair and as an organization member. I also had the opportunity to be the club president. I love showing most of the people that MUN is worth trying 🙂


10 Tips for the First-Timers by Lara Melis BÜYÜKCEYLAN

Dear First-Timers; if you are about to join an MUN conference soon and also if your mind is complicated about everything you are just in the right place! Before moving to tips just don’t forget that each MUNerhad their first conference. They are just like you. Let’s start!   1)DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK! When you […] More

How should delegates behave towards Administrative Staff? by Lara BÜYÜKCEYLAN

What are the responsibilities of the Department of Administrative Staff? How should delegates behave towards Administrative Staff? Sometimes we saw an MUN conference, we check the details and if we like it, so we apply. It’s just a click away but there is a huge preparation process behind that our application. Because it is a […] More

12th Graders vs MUN Career by Lara Melis BÜYÜKCEYLAN

12TH GRADERS vs MUN CAREER ”Model United Nations” only 3 words and 18 letters but means a lot in lots of people’s life. Some of this people improve themselves maybe they met with the love of their life or maybe they just had a crush on someone maybe they had the most amazing or most […] More

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