TED Kdz. Ereğli College

Online Model United Nations Conference

6-7 June 2020

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Distinguished Participants of KETMUN Online Conference,

As the Secretary General, Director General and all other KETMUN club participants; we are extremely honoured to welcome you all. We hope the feeling is mutual.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our conference, held by our school has been cancelled. Therefore we have taken the opportunity to host online.

We have included 5 committees which consist of 4 GA committees and 1 crisis committee “Balkan Wars”. All committees’ spoken language is English. When selecting the agenda items we made certain that topics would be integrated with daily life, allowing delegates to come up with fruitful debates.

We wish everybody the best and look forward to seeing you all at KETMUN.

Kindest Regards

Ceyda Kalafat

Secretary-General of KETMUN Online Conference



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Written by

Zeynep DİNÇ