KAIHLMUN’18 Review by Şeyma ÇAKAR

KAIHLMUN’18 Review by Şeyma ÇAKAR

KAIHLMUN’18 Review by Şeyma ÇAKAR I and my other 21 friends from Bursa Ipekcilik Anatolian Imam-Hatip High school were at KAIHLMUN’18 on the 22nd-25th of February. This one was my 2nd time in KAIHLMUN because last year I have already initiated a countdown for KAIHLMUN’18. One day before the conference, for the participants, who came from the other cities and the other countries, they held a trip in the name of White Trip which includes Panaroma 1453, Miniaturk and Eyup Sultan Square. That trip was so joyful and informative for us.

 On the first day of the conference, KAIHLMUN members hosted us in their heart and home, Kartal Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School building. In that beautiful place, which resembles a university building, all the team welcomed us with big smiles and welcome wishes. It was a great and unforgettable feeling for me to see my friends and former MUNer partners in that place. At the end of the very qualified workshop activity, registration has finally started. During the registration, entertainment team, who had strange glasses and hats, has cheered us up with several games and challenges. After the registration, all the delegates and members have fastened their seat belts for a spectacular opening ceremony, because everybody was waiting for a fascinating show of the Mehteran Team. With that show, Divan-I Hümayun Committee’s Sultan; Suleiman the Magnificent and the other pashas have taken the platform one by one. Actually, this part was the best part of the opening ceremony. After a nice speech of Secretary-General, KAIHLMUN’18, with the theme of Post-Truth and Justice, has officially started. About 5 pm the first session commenced with the delegates’ opening speeches. About 8 pm, they took us to a gala dinner. The dinner was obviously delicious and I guess I am going to go that place one more time as soon as possible.

 On the second day of the conference, this time we were in Istanbul Medeniyet University-Cevizli Campus. Let’s be honest that, their school was better but this Campus was also good. My committee was Futuristic United Nations Security Council, I was the delegate of Germany and the agenda item was introducing possible reforms to the UNSC. During the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th sessions, we generally talked about Permanent 5, possible memberships and veto power. Later on, we set several moderated and semi-moderated caucuses in order to talk about the Syrian conflict. At the end of the day, we raised an unmoderated caucus in order to write our working papers.

 During the sessions, the most challenging things were the updates for sure. Especially, with the update of Kashmir uprising and Mosul conflict, we struggled to come to a solution. In the end, we as Germany, India, Brazil and South Africa have taken Japan out of the G4 countries and taken South Africa in instead of Japan. After a while, Japan’s Ambassador surprised the Committee with her rageful statement. Last but not least, the President of the USA, Donald Trump also came to the stage and made a comic speech in the Committee.

 In the end, unfortunately, the resolution paper has been vetoed by Permanent 5 members. Every ‘veto’ sound, sounded like a bullet in our hearts, but there was nothing to do anymore.

 For the organization part of the conference, I can say that it was quite good. There were almost no problems in our hotels, PR Team members were so sincere while we were counselling about the progress, other delegates were so respectful to anyone, coffee breaks and lunch breaks were legends. But I have a suggestion for them; please send the allocations a longer time ago.

Shortly, thank them all for such a successful conference. I highly recommend all of you to be a part of KAIHLMUN’19. 


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