JMUNESCO Review by Zeynep ALTUN –

JMUNESCO Review by Zeynep ALTUN

JMUNESCO Review by Zeynep ALTUN. Once again, hi! Honourable readers! Junior Model United Nations Educational Scientific&Cultural Organization is a Conference held by Bilkent Laboratory and International School.I was a press member at the conference so I think a press member’s point of view is really wide because they get to see so many aspects of every committee. I got to see every chair, interviewed The Top Four and have seen every single delegate since we did every country’s photoshoot.The Jmunesco conference consisted 3 main committee groups.

-General Assembly (GA)
-Special Focus (SF)
-Executive Board (EB)

First of all, I would like to start with the Organization Team.They were all so friendly and genuine which these were the things that made my experience that remarkable.And the security Team consisted of really serious(!) people.In fact, some of the most fun to be around people I’ve met were the members of the Security Team. As a member of the press team, I think that we did a great job capturing the amazing moments of the conference.

Our Head Of Press, Lara Fırat was so bubbly and full of joy which that motivated us.The Top Four was really hardworking and caring.I’ve got to see how they were dealing with advisors and committee’s problems really well. I could see that the experience was a stressful one for them but I think that handled every single flaw smoothly.When I interviewed them I could see how hard they’ve worked and I really admired that.

The Academic Team was full of qualified MUNers and the running of the committees was impressive even though there were few obstacles which obstacles are always there.But I think The Academic Team did a good job.

The Delegates were really self-confident and extravert for their age.Their English, accents and ideas were literally impressive.I even met a really young boy who was basically the definition of bubbly and he told me ‘’Bad friends lead to a bad life, honey!’One of the best life lessons I’ve heard.He won the Best Delegate award which I was watching him getting his certificate proudly!So If you’re reading this little South Africa,you’re one of the people I’m never going to forget!In plenary sessions, I’ve got to see how every delegate dealt with mixed up questions or the crises.They mastered their speeches greatly, and I felt like there was a 10th-time MUNer in front of me.It really didn’t feel like a Secondary level conference.

And my team was one of the funniest teams.They were all from the same school BLIS so they’ve already known each other but I never felt like a stranger, they were all so warm and friendly.I’ve met one the most confident and sassiest people I’ve ever met, Çağla Ekinci at JMUNESCO which she was the reason why I could call this conference remarkable.Thank you so much for helping me explore BLIS and gossiping with me outside of the Press Room when we were sick of the noise.Love you <3

Picture from JMUNESCO 2014
Once again, Thank you to the honourable Top Four for making the conference all serene. Even If there was a problem they’ve handled It so well that we couldn’t understand what was going on, they’ve solved the problem.And the closing ceremony was even emotional for me because I could see how they put their blood sweat and tears into the conference.

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Note: Banner (Cover Picture) is taken from TBS JMUN Delegation’s official website.

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