iliad nazari

My name is Iliad Nazari and currently, I am living in Ankara, Turkey. I was born in Northern Iran (Gorgan), I had lived there for about ten years and

When I was 8, my family and I went to Uppsala, Sweden, and we lived there for about four months. It was also such a good experience for me to know about the Swedish community’s culture and the structure of their commutes. And then due to my father’s work, we came to Turkey. For now, I am responsible for r guiding myself towards the SAT, IELTS, and A-Level exams (If necessary) soon. However, I am studying at Sınav Anatolian High school for about four years, but the facts were to focus on the SAT exam fırst, and yet it is in progress. After getting a good score, I will directly move with other reviews, hence to have a chance to go to Cambridge University. Apart from that, I have started to attend the MUNs in 2019 by taking place in the Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations conference.Then I took place in the Sınav Model United Nations conference, and I still cannot forget how hard the meeting was. In my first two physical conferences, I was a delegate in The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

And due to the current global pandemic, I have started to attend the online MUNs and to describe them; I could brief you that visiting the online sessions, which most of them are international, can develop and increase our knowledge concomitantly. Learn a new language, thrive in your skills, expand your knowledge on global problems, and have upkeep on facts that we are obligated to consider. And while attending the online MUNs, I was able to join the Content producer team of MUNTurkey and I can guarantee that you will be briefed a lot, while reading the articles:)





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