The Face of HPALMUN Crisis Team You Have Never Seen Written by Lal Defne Saygılı

The Face of HPALMUN Crisis Team You Have Never Seen Written by

The Face of HPALMUN Crisis Team You Have Never Seen Written by Lal Defne Saygılı. Have you ever been to a conference that appealed to you in every single way? Have you ever cried so much in the closing ceremony that your eyes were swollen the other day? Thanks to HPALMUN, I did. So I guess I should start by mentioning a few facts about HPALMUN to you. HPALMUN is the conference of Haydarpaşa Anatolian High School which took place between the 29 January and 1 February 2018 in Istanbul. It had ten committees, eight being crisis committees and two of them being midnight crisis committees. As a member of the crisis team, I should say that all of the members including myself were dying the last day, we had like 5 hours of sleep in total. One of the crisis team members slept on the floor in the crisis room despite all the noise we made while beating up delegates *no. not really, we were just putting makeup on their faces and loosening their ties to make the crises more fun :3*. Oh, by the way, there were two separate crisis teams one being Rüzgar’s team <3 and one being Zafer’s which was the only fault the conference had academically, I believe. I feel honored and also so lucky for taking place in Rüzgar’s team, he was the best head of crisis anyone can ever imagine, however having two separate crisis teams caused crises between the crisis teams.

Now let’s move on with the committees we were responsible for, I should start by the midnight crises of the JCC:Allies and Axis cabinets; we had countless cups of coffee and tea thanks to the hotel, still, we may have fallen asleep a couple of times *we were wearing pyjamas and the carpets were so cosy how can you blame us*. Moving on with the Game of Thrones committee, It was my favorite committee in the whole conference and I was very lucky to be responsible of that committee’s crises, in fact, I was so hyped that I flew and made noises like a dragon –to be specific Dragon- in the committee with the trainees, while reenacting an update we gave. We even did trial by combat four times in the committee with an actual sword/dagger *safely of course*. INTERPOL was such a great committee as well and it was the most fun and the most productive committee even though the majority of the delegates were crisis committee first-timers.

We came up with extremely creative ideas to that committee, such as photoshopping Pablo Escobar and his kid in front of the INTERPOL building, giving the picture to the delegates as a proof and many more entertaining crises. We had Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and Lincoln Committees which were fun as well but if I mention those in this article, you’ll probably fall asleep so I guess I should stop babbling and come to a conclusion.

Considering the conferences I have attended before and comparing them with HPALMUN, I have come to the conclusion that HPALMUN was such a great conference both academically and as an organization. I have met new people whom I call my “family” now and bonded with people I met before on this rare occasion. I thank the HPALMUN organization team and secretariat for this amazing opportunity.

Lal Defne Saygılı

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