How to Be Successful in Crisis Committees by Can KARACA

Sometimes, you may be a chair or delegate in crisis committees. And you may be panicked or excited because of the committee. You start to think about being successful and also if this committee is a JCC, exactly you want to win the war. So, now I am going to try to help you with crisis committees. 1. First Part: […]

How to Lead a Committee with Full of First-timers as a Chair by Öykü GÖKTUĞ

I remember a conference in which I had to lead a committee with 5 people which includes 3 delegates and 2 admins by myself without any chairs. In the very first session of the conference, my both deputy and president chair had something to do with their work which made me direct the committee by myself. That was quite achievable […]

How to Choose an International MUN Conference by Maria CASTRUBIN

A Chinese proverb says,” To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the World”. Every one of us who has studied another language has struggled with feelings of hopelessness and frustration. But we never gave up and we continued to believe that learning a language is not just about a vocabulary size, I […]

Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine Komiteleri Nedir? Rüzgar ALTUNIŞIK

Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine Komiteleri Nedir? Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine komiteleri, adlarından anlayabileceğiniz üzere iki farklı tür kriz komiteleredir. Bu iki tür kriz komitesini yan yana karşılaştırmamız gerekirse aralarında fazla bir fark olmadığını rahat bir şekilde görebiliriz. Tarihi Kriz Komitesi diğer adıyla ‘Historical Crisis Committee’ size verilen tarihi bir konu içerisinde, bir şahsı kendi yerinize koyarak canlandırdığınız komitedir. Kısacası daha […]

The Phrases That You Can Use In Mun ( For Delegates) by Gizem DİKİCİOĞLU

You can find the phrases and their meanings which we use during the session time. These are the keywords that are being used on the international level. Don’t forget, memorize it with the best way is being suggested. But if you cannot don’t worry you can take notes on note papers and in this way you can easily remember the […]

Crisis Committee Guide by İpek GÜNEŞ

Crisis committees differ from one another in MUN simulations; they are less formal and, in many ways, far more dynamic. In these kinds of committees, delegates are given the chance to apply their research and conflict strategies in an exciting and dynamic setting. In this article, I would like to give some specific information about these committees.   There are […]

Tips for the First-Timers to Get Prepared for Their First MUN by Gizem Dikicioğlu

You did your application and then you were accepted to the conference. You got your study guide and your committee is specifically known. What will you do next? If you don’t know the answer, this article is for you! If you’re a first-timer, you may not know the Harvard Procedure. As the procedure, the session starts with a roll call […]

How to Organize an MUN Conference by Umay GÖLLÜ

As soon as we entered the global age that meant more and more communication within the world, humans started to gather further information about each other and their activities, which also means that Model/Mock United Nations conferences all around the world have increased dramatically in terms of number. MUN, an extracurricular activity with benefits such as developing communication, leadership and […]

Tasks and Positions of MUN Teams – MBM Organizasyon Takımlarının Görevleri ve Pozisyonları – Esma Reyyan GÜNLER

SECRETARY-GENERAL (SG) Being SG is the highest position in the academic team. SG arranges committees and team. Determines the allocations. DIRECTOR GENERAL (DG) The Director General works closely with the Heads of Organization in overseeing the entire organization and execution of the conference. The DG is responsible for communicating important dates, deadlines, and meetings to both organization and Secretariat. FINANCE […]

HARVARD Prosedüründe Hayatta Kalma Rehberi

Eğer MUN’e katılmaya son anda karar verdiyseniz ve çok acil bir şeyler yapmanız gerekiyorsa bu rehber tam size göre! Öncelikle temel MUN terimlerini bilmeniz, komiteniz için yayımlanan Study Guide’ı (Çalışma Rehberini) okumanız gerekir.  Temel olarak bilmeniz gerekenler:  (Opening Ceremony, Delegate, Delegation, Chair, Vice-Chair, Rapporteur, Committee, Session, Study, Guide, Moderated Caucus, Unmoderated Caucus, Opening Speech, Motion, GSL, Yields, Points, Resolution, Closing […]

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