The Working Mechanism of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by Sezen Özkalp

Hello everyone! Through this article, I will acquaint you with the working mechanism of the International Court of Justice. Before we get started, I would like to inform you that this article is about the actual International Court of Justice, not its Model United Nations version.   BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE (ICJ) The International Court of […]

Common Mistakes While Writing a Resolution by Alara WILSON

Resolutions are one of the most important things in MUN conferences. Resolutions are written in both Harvard and THIMUN procedures in most committees of MUNs. To be an MUNer, you have to know how to write a resolution. In my opinion, writing a resolution is the hardest part of a MUN conference and people can make mistakes while writing a […]

Harvard Rules of Procedure by Meltem Eser

Introduction This guide has been prepared for Please keep in mind that the following Rules of Procedure is the official procedure used by national and international Model UN conferences, however, some aspects may vary depending on the procedures different conferences decide to follow. These rules can sometimes be implemented in a slightly different way depending on the academic level […]

7 Things You Should Know About the GA:6 Legal Committee by İnci BAKIRLI

Are you in a LEGAL committee and confused about what to do? Here is some information about GA:6 LEGAL: 1. The LEGAL committee requires learning new terms In your first legal committee, and especially if the agenda item is suitable, you are going to learn many new things about international law, such as the names of international courts or some […]

How to Prepare for A Crisis Committee As a First-Timer by Selen GÜNERİ

Crisis committees used to seem very complicated and hard for me. My first time was quite stressful. In order to understand the procedure, I had to do lots of research. In this article, I try to explain different elements of crisis committees clearly, as best as I can. I hope this helps you to gain a better grasp of the […]

Delegelikten Genel Sekreter Müsteşarlığına Adım Adım Giden Yol Merve Ceren ÇIRAĞ

Delegelik Nedir? Öncelikle doğru ve detaylı olarak bilinmesi gereken ‘’delege’’liğin ne anlama geldiğine bir bakalım. ‘’Delege, delegelik nedir?’’ Ülke, devlet, parti, sendika vb. kuruluşları temsil eden kişiye denir. Ayrıca elçi, murahhas anlamları da vardır. İngilizce’de “delegate, representative’’ olarak kullanılır. MUN konferanslarında ise bu kelime; bir ülkeyi, devleti temsil eden elçi olarak anlamlandırılır. MUN konferanslarının ‘’akademik’’ ayağında bulunmak istiyorsanız delegelik tam […]

Duties and Responsibilities of Deputy Secretary-General and Deputy Director-General by Şebnem YAREN

All Model United Nations conferences require various teams of people to make the conference possible. These teams are called the Academic and Organization Teams, which consist of members with different titles that perform various duties as requirements of their positions to prepare and exhibit a satisfactory conference for all external participants, as well as themselves. In this article, my focus […]

Tricks for an Efficient Committee Agenda Research by Zeynep DİNÇ

In the committee, we take action within our policy. For us to act on our policy, we should research our policy and agenda as thoroughly as possible. Here are some tricks for doing comprehensive research and for your writing on a position paper. 1. Usual, but the most important thing: Study Guide The study guides are where delegates get their […]

How to Write Documents in GA Committees for MUNs and Online MUNs by Azranur ERCİN

In this article, I’m going to explain all kinds of documents that you should know about for General Assembly committees. Let’s start!   Position Paper: It is a document that you have to send to your chair board members (or USG) before the conference. Basically, this paper proves that you are aware of the agenda items and you know your […]

Which Decisions Should Be Made Before Attending an MUN Conference – Merve Ceren ÇIRAĞ

There are some statements that you need to consider before applying to a MUN conference. First, think about why you want to join the conference and whether this will benefit you or not. If you think you are going the right way and it will be useful, you are ready for other steps. STEP 1: CONFERENCE RESEARCH One of the […]

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