Tips for the Advanced Level of Delegates by Azranur ERCİN

Hello guys, this is Azranur and I will be helping you to improve your MUN skills in this article. So, basically, you are MUNing for a while and you are looking for a way to improve yourself. In this part, you can find some tips to improve yourself. Enjoy it! Detailed research This is a […] More

GA committees and Their Functions by Zeynep Keskin

 Hi everyone. It’s Zeynep here and today I want to share the basic introductions of GA committees and what their functions are. As we all know, in MUN conferences there are three types of committees: GA, crisis, and special committees. The reason why we are focusing on GA committees today is, one: because crisis committees’ […] More

Ways to Improve Yourself As a Delegate by Selen Güneri

Getting good at MUN is mostly about experience. Besides experience, having good language and communication skills, and good agenda research, the more you take part in different debates, the more resolutions you write, the better you get at MUN. Although experienced delegates are very much likely to succeed, it is always possible to improve oneself […] More

8 Characteristics of a Qualified Delegate by Ece BİLİR

 It is both easy and hard to determine a delegate as a qualified one, but there has always been someone in the committee that everyone admired and even felt jealous of. That person shares their ideas without any fear and leads the process of the debates. If you have carefully observed, all of those delegates […] More

How to Build a Strong Bloc in a GA Committee by Alara WILSON

GA committees are always the most crowded committees in MUN conferences and due to this, it can be said that leading a bloc might be challenging. Big GA committees mostly separate into at least two blocs. So, to be successful in a GA committee you need to have a strong bloc. MAKE A GOOD FIRST […] More

Debating Tips for MUN by İldeniz CİVCİK

I see, you are in a competitive committee and looking for some advice and tips. If so, you are in the right place. First of all, I hope you have read our article about being a well-prepared delegate and have done your research before the conference. But in sessions, while you are using data and […] More

Voting Procedures in Model United Nations by Azranur ERCİN

All kinds of votings are indispensable for MUN conferences. While we are voting upon something, we truly feel the diplomacy, the importance of our thoughts. To deepen this feeling, you should also know the voting procedures of the house. As an important suggestion, you should read whole the Rules of Procedure of the conference before […] More

Most Common Mistakes Made by First-Timers in MUN Conferences by Alara Wilson

At your very first MUN conference, it’s normal to make some mistakes. At MUN conferences no one will make fun of you for your mistakes as everybody there went through the situations that you’re going through right now, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best to stay away from mistakes. No one is […] More

How to Be a Well-Prepared Delegate by İldeniz CİVCİK

You have decided to participate in an MUN conference and applied to be a delegate. Then you received a mail: Congratulations! You are accepted, your allocation is sent, and..? What should you do from now on? Your preparation process has just started and if you are ready to be a well-prepared delegate, keep reading! First […] More

The Working Mechanism of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by Sezen Özkalp

Hello everyone! Through this article, I will acquaint you with the working mechanism of the International Court of Justice. Before we get started, I would like to inform you that this article is about the actual International Court of Justice, not its Model United Nations version.   BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE […] More