How to Choose an MUN Conference by Aleyna BAKAR

How to Choose an MUN Conference by Aleyna BAKAR. In the last few years, MUN conferences have become more and more popular in Turkey. However, it has become difficult on how to choose which one is the best one. Are they all not the same? Does it make a difference? You are spoilt for choice. Which one would you choose to go and have quality time for those 3 or 4 days? This is why we are here to assist you to choose a conference which will best suit you!


Let’s find out!

1.Schedule of everything (Planning)



Date, season, school days, holidays, exam times, when is it the right time to attend a MUN? Or are you one of those putting off their lives just because you are busy? First, make a priority list, and don’t forget to include your weekly Schedule! You will need time to be prepared for MUN and also to attend it, obviously. If you’re very busy during the school term or your school won’t let you attend MUNs, the summer calendar should be your priority or you can have a little space by taking something off.

According to my priorities list, MUN attendance is on the top, all dates are suitable for me. However, a MUN demand your time and effort and can clash with your study time. We don’t want it to affect your efforts in exams. If you believe you can handle both of your school exams, and MUNs, you’re unstoppable. Last but not least, check out the schedule of the MUN and start planning your Schedule adapted with the MUN’s. Don’t be late if you don’t want to miss anything. Take the control of the time and eliminate conferences which do not fit you. If you find a MUN which exactly suits the facts I’ll mention below, I highly recommend you stopping whatever you’re doing and attend it!

P.S You’ll need one week for the HARVARD Procedure, one month for THIMUN Procedure; in order to be prepared. (Study durations are due to the allocation process) Set your planning or choice of the procedure with this information.

 2. Online sources


In my opinion, the presentation of something takes all your attention and gives you a belief that you will have quality time. In a way, the website and social media for a MUN are one of the most important things you should check. Some experienced MUNs do not care about their social media or website: they believe even they won’t do their best or work, they’ll have participants because of their good history of MUN conference. Resultantly, they neglect their social media accounts and website –which give you a feeling that you won’t have fun. It would be disappointing to expect the same experience with their previous MUNs if we don’t care about their refreshment of the previous statue (high-level quality of the conference) every year. In other words, the team should work harder in order to improve their conference experience without showing lack of try and work. Usage of social media and the website is the best way to present a MUN to everyone, so the quality of posts and website gives a clue about the MUN. Check out the website and social media to have an idea about the experience you will have. Is it easy to have information, apply, and contact the team? Does the team answer you quickly? Do they use social media for announcements? Do not forget to consider these, and more details about the MUN will bring more information for you to have a clear decision. You can check the comments, browse the info, or even contact with past participants of a certain conference. Lastly, quality of a MUN or team could spread quickly and make it easier for you to have an opinion about it. While everybody is talking about the positivity of a MUN (in the year you’ll attend not the previous one), why wouldn’t you go for a try?

3. Power of the Team



While we are mentioning the details, the most important detail that we should know has arrived! If you want to experience a truly academic and perfectly organized MUN conference, checking out the experience or the profiles of the heads of the team such as Secretary-General, Director General, Head of…, etc, would be beneficial for you. This will give you a clear picture of the capabilities of the team. Never forget to be certain about their purpose in holding a conference like MUN. This is because even though they are experienced, they may have chosen a different main purpose for themselves irrelevant to an academic purpose. That’s why I recommend you to choose the one which focuses on academic purposes in order to feel the real experience. To have a good academic conference, organization follows other good factors, such as the size of the classes, enough provisions in the coffee breaks, punctuality and hospitality for the delegate. Moreover, the protection of the delegate from intruders is also very important. These factors prove the amount of the value they show to their participation and themselves; also, increasing their conference’s value.

Experienced team means good quality. The organizational team should be experienced in MUN activities, as well as their organization, meaning they should have done it many times over a considerable period, not just in the last few months or so. This information should be available online for most or all board members. A high-quality MUN is enough encouragement to attend more upcoming events. As far as I’m concerned, the must-have basic features a powerful team have are, kindness, interest, care, quick response, integrity, good presentation skills, teamwork, problem solvers and friendliness.

4. Debate Debate Debate!


Apparently, MUN activity is based on debating political issues from an international perspective. So, you should know how to debate and generate ideas about a given topic. From here we can understand that you should make a selection between committees (if you’re first-timer, one of the General Assembly Committees are recommended for you) with more focus on the topics. It would help you if you chose a topic that actually interests you. But don’t stress about it. All topics seen as appropriate by committees (since they are already chosen) should be easily debatable. So, if you are good at forming ideas, then you would be able to debate anyway. Also, most topics are usually intriguing, otherwise others would get bored too! You will enjoy more a topic of your personal interest. Moreover, you would need to search for the topic of your committee beforehand. Predictably, you would need to have adequate command and knowledge of the topic, since you will form ideas, support, refute, discuss, and fight for your country’s interests. If you choose a topic you already know, then you would probably feel more prepared for discussion. However, it is good to have experience in different topics, which is what you would eventually need. Never forget to search about the topic and analyze if it’s debatable. The debatable topics can take you to a good academic level and help you learn different perspectives.

P.S. We noted about the challenging MUNs which depends on your level in the last part.




The day of the invention of the teleportation machine hasn’t come yet. This means we still have to use transportation to go to MUNs. Minimize the distance between the venue and your home. Use transportations and shuttle directly go to the MUN. If your distance is so far away, check out the accommodation details. (These details also shows the quality of the organization team: shuttle opportunity, suitable accommodation –price, quality, and short distance, easily reachable venue with the transportations or cars –if there aren’t any shuttles.)

6. King of Costs


I hear you’re asking, ”Will it be worth paying all?”. Usually, the price ratio shows up low in new MUNs; high or medium inexperienced MUNs. However, never associate cost with the quality. Evaluate all I have mentioned and appraise in your mind, ask more people to balance if the price is worth.

7. New or Old (Experienced) Conferences 


Even this title is debatable, it can be an agenda in an MUN. Honestly, I don’t believe all experienced MUNs are ”good” because they have been doing for so long. As I mentioned above, they refresh themselves each year and the only advantage they have is experience compared to the new ones. Experienced conferences have a quality background by having the quality MUNers, so they might be a challenge for you to debate with –which is out of the recommendation for the first-timers if they want to start from the beginning. Also, new MUNs need to have experienced delegates, since they aren’t a train conference, and it could’ve better experience for experienced delegate’s improvement so giving chance to the new MUNs by the reason of everything has a beginning. Also, let’s bear first-timers in mind to assist them to determine a conference for themselves.

First of all, check out the difference between THIMUN and HARVARDMUN procedure -you can find articles about this in MUNTurkey’s website- for your knowledge of which you’ll prefer. Or you’re able to decide by attending both procedures.

Good MUN’s!

Aleyna BAKAR

The Writer of


MUN Conferences in Turkey:

MUN Conferences in Turkey
MUN Conferences in Turkey
City Conference Month Day Year Level Institution Language Procedure Website Social Media
izmir II.DEUMUN ✔ February 13 - 15 2019 High Sc - Uni Dokuz Eylül Uni English - Tur (Türkçe) MIXED II.DEUMUN WebII.DEUMUN Instagram
Denizli MDMUN ✔ February 14 - 17 2019 High School METÜ Denizli English TBA MDMUN WebsiteMDMUN Instagram
Ankara BASMUN February 14 - 17 2019 High Sc - Uni Başkent Uni English TBA BASMUN WebsiteBASMUN Instagram
Adana IFLMUN ✔ February 15 - 17 2019 High Sc - Uni Adana Seyhan İMKB English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD IFLIMUN WebsiteIFLMUN Instagram
istanbul THEMIS COURT February 15 - 17 2019 University Kadir Has University English - Tur (Türkçe) TBA THEMIS COURT WebTHEMUS COURT Insta
Bursa HAYALMUN ✔ February 15 - 17 2019 High School Hasan Ali Yücel AHS English MIXED TBA HAYALMUN Instagram
istanbul MUNDP February 21 - 24 2019 High School KOÇ Dev. Sc. English TBA MUNDP WebsiteMUNDP Instagram
Ankara JMUNESCO February 22 - 24 2019 JMUN (Middle) BLIS English THIMUN JMUNESCO WebJMUNESCO Insta
istanbul BBALMUN ✔ February 22 - 25 2019 High Sc - Uni Burak Bora AL English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD & THIMUN BBALMUN WebsiteBBALMUN Instagram
Mersin TSEVJMUN February 23 - 24 2019 JMUN (Middle) TARSUS SEV English TBA TSEVJMUN WebTSEVJMUN Facebook
istanbul BoğaziçiMUN ✔ February 23 - 25 2019 High Sc - Uni Boğaziçi Uni English HARVARD BoğaziçiMUN WebBoğaziçiMUN Insta
istanbul KAIHLMUN ✔ Feb - Mar 28 - 03 2019 High School Kartal Anatolian IHHS English - Arabic - Tur (Türkçe) TBA KAIHLMUN WebsiteKAIHLMUN Instagram
Mersin CagMUN ✔ March 01 - 03 2019 High School Çağ College English - Tur (Türkçe) TBA CAGMUN WebsiteCAGMUN Instagram
Adana InteractMUN ✔ March 01 - 03 2019 High School Interact English HARVARD InteractMUN WebInteractMUN Insta
Adapazarı ADENMUN ✔ March 01 - 03 2019 High Sc - Uni ENKA English THIMUN ADENMUN WebsiteADENMUN Insta
Antalya MUNTR ✔ March 04 - 08 2019 High Sc - Uni MUNA English HARVARD MUNTR WebsiteMUNTR Instagram
istanbul HFÖMUN ✔ March 06 - 09 2019 High Sc - Uni H.Ferruh Özgen AL English HARVARD HFÖMUN WebsiteHFÖMUN Instagram
BAALMUN March 07 - 10 2019 High School Besiktas Ataturk AHS English TBA BAALMUN WebsiteBAALMUN Instagram
istanbul SACMUN ✔ March 07 - 10 2019 High School SEV American College English THIMUN SACMUN WebsiteSACMUN Instagram
Bodrum TBMUN ✔ March 08 - 09 2019 High School TED Bodrum College English HARVARD TBMUN WebsiteTBMUN Instagram
MUNCL March 08 - 10 2019 High Sc - Uni Independent English HARVARD MUNCL Website TBA
izmir CESTRAIN March 08 - 10 2019 High Sc - Uni Independent English - Tur (Türkçe) TBA CESMUN WebsiteCESTRAIN Instagram
Eskişehir ATAMUN ✔ March 08 - 10 2019 High School Atayurt ASHC English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD ATAMUN WebsiteATAMUN Instagram
Hatay DEFNEMUN ✔ March 08 - 10 2019 High Sc - Uni Defne College English MIXED DEFNEMUN WebsiteDEFNEMUN Facebook
Girne MUN-KY March 08 - 10 2019 High Sc - Uni Thr Eng Sc of Kyrenia English THIMUN MUN-KY Website TBA
Ankara NHCMUN ✔ March 08 - 10 2019 High Sc - Uni Nene Hatun HS English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD NHCMUN WebsiteNHCMUN Instagram
istanbul HEALMUN ✔ March 08 - 11 2019 High Sc - Uni H.Edip Adıvar AHS English - Tur (Türkçe) TBA HEALMUN WebHEALMUN Instagram
Ankara MUNKARA March 09 - 11 2019 High Sc - Uni Independent English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD MUNKARA WebsiteMUNKARA Instagram
Eskişehir TEDESMUN ✔ March 14 - 17 2019 High School TED Eskişehir English THIMUN TEDESMUN WebsiteTEDESMUN Instagram
istanbul JMUNDP March 15 - 17 2019 JMUN (Middle) KOÇ Dev. Sc. English TBA JMUNDP WebsiteJMUNDP Instagram
SAMSUN ATAMUN ✔ March 15 - 17 2019 High Sc - Uni Atakum Imam HHS English - Arabic HARVARD ATAMUN WebsiteATAMUN Instagram
Bodrum BMKMUN ✔ March 15 - 17 2019 High School Marmara Koleji English THIMUN BMKMUN WebsiteBMKMUN Instagram
izmir MUNKONAL ✔ March 15 - 17 2019 High School Konak AHS English MIXED MUNKONAL WebsiteMUNKONAL Instagram
Ankara MUNESCO March 15 - 18 2019 High School BLIS English THIMUN MUNESCO WebMUNESCO Instagram
istanbul ÇınarJMUN ✔ March 16 - 17 2019 JMUN (Middle) Esenyurt Çınar Kol. English MIXED ÇınarJMUN WebÇınarJMUN Instagram
Aydın TEKMUN ✔ March 21 - 24 2019 High School TED Ege College English HARVARD TEKMUN WebsiteTEKMUN Instagram
istanbul BISIMUN ✔ March 22 - 24 2019 High School British INT. Sch. English THIMUN BISIMUN WebsiteBISIMUN Instagram
istanbul ITUMUN ✔ March 22 - 24 2019 High Sc - Uni ITU English HARVARD ITUMUN WebsiteITUMUN Instagram
istanbul RCIMUN April 02 - 06 2019 High School Robert College English THIMUN RCIMUN WebsiteRCIMUN Instagram
Antalya MedMUNTR April 04 - 07 2019 High Sc - Uni Independent English - Tur (Türkçe) MIXED MedMUNTR WebMedMUNTR Insta
istanbul FSMIMUN ✔ April 04 - 07 2019 High Sc - Uni FSM Ulus. AIHL English - Arabic MIXED FSMIMUN WebsiteFSMIMUN Instagram
istanbul IKUMUN ✔ April 05 - 07 2019 High Sc - Uni Kültür University English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD IKUMUN WebstieIKUMUN Instagram
Mersin IALMUN April 05 - 07 2019 High School İçel AHS English HARVARD IALMUN WebsiteIALMUN Instagram
izmir IGMUN ✔ April 06 - 09 2019 High School Gelişim College English TBA IGMUN WebsiteIGMUN Instagram
Balıkesir BALMUN ✔ April 12 - 14 2019 High School Doğa Schools English TBA BALMUN WebsiteBALMUN Instagram
Adana FIMUN ✔ April 12 - 14 2019 High School Final Schools English MIXED FIMUN WebsiteFIMUN Instagram
Antalya AALMUN April 12 - 14 2019 High School Antalya Anatolian HS English TBA AALMUN WebsiteAALMUN Instagram
Malatya ÇınarJMUN ✔ April 13 - 14 2019 JMUN (Middle) Çınar Koleji English TBA ÇınarJMUN WebsiteÇınarJMUN Instagram
istanbul MarmaraMUN ✔ April 18 - 21 2019 High Sc - Uni Marmara Uni English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD MarmaraMUNMarmaraMUN Insta
MUNF April 19 - 21 2019 High School Fen Bilimleri TBA TBA TBA MUNF ınstagram
Gaziantep SANMUN April 19 - 21 2019 High Sc - Uni SANKO English THIMUN SANMUN WebsiteSANMUN Instagram
Muğla MFMUN April 19 - 21 2019 High School S.Akyüz Fen Lisesi Türkçe TBA MFMUN WebsiteMFMUN Instagram
istanbul ACIMGE April 19 - 21 2019 High School AÇI Schools English Yale ACIMGE WebsiteACIMGE Instagram
Antalya YEDMUN ✔ April 19 - 22 2019 High School YEDITEPE COLLEGE English HARVARD YEDMUN WebsiteYEDMUN Instagram
izmir DETAMUN ✔ April 20 - 22 2019 High School TAKEV German MUN-SH DETAMUN WebsiteDETAMUN Instagram
MUNIAL ✔ April 20 - 23 2019 High Sc - Uni İzmir Atatürk English HARVARD MUNIAL WebsiteMUNIAL Instagram
AlanyaMUN ✔ April 20 - 23 2019 High Sc - Uni BİL OKULLARI English HARVARD AlanyaMUN WebsiteAlanyaMUN Instagram
AlanyaJMUN ✔ April 20 - 23 2019 JMUN (Middle) BİL OKULLARI English HARVARD AlanyaMUN WebsiteAlanyaMUN Instagram
izmir MUNIAL April 20 - 23 2019 High School izmir Atatürk English HARVARD MUNIAL WebsiteMUNIAL Instagram
Ankara EUROSIMA April 20 - 23 2019 High Sc - Uni METU English TBA EUROSIMA WebsiteEUROSIMA Instagram
Cyprus W.Youth Summit✔ April 26 - 28 2019 High Sc - Uni United Youth Circuit English MIXED WYS WebsiteWYS Instagram
Adana GMUN ✔ April 26 - 28 2019 High School Gündoğdu College English - Tur (Türkçe) TBA GMUN WebsiteGMUN Instagram
Aydın MUNEMUAL April 26 - 28 2019 High School Emel-Mustafa U. AL English - Tur (Türkçe) TBA TBA MUNEMUAL Instagram
istanbul GSMUN ✔ April 26 - 28 2019 High Sc - Uni Galatasaray Uni English HARVARD GSMUN WebsiteGSMUN Instagram
Samsun MPALMUN April 26 - 28 2019 High School Milli Piyango AHS English TBA MPALMUN WebsiteMPALMUN Instagram
istanbul HASMUN ✔ April 26 - 28 2019 High Sc - Uni Kadir Has Uni English TBA HASMUN WebsiteHASMUN Instagram
Mersin TA-MUN ✔ April 26 - 28 2019 High School Derece Koleji English - Tur (Türkçe) MIXED TA-MUN WebsiteTA-MUN Instagram
istanbul KMUN ✔ April 26 - 29 2019 High School Kabataş English TBA KMUN WebsiteKMUN Instagram
istanbul ITUJMUN April 27 - 28 2019 JMUN (Middle) ITU GVO English TBA ITUJMUN WebsiteITUJMUN Instagram
izmir ITSMUN ✔ April 27 - 30 2019 High Sc - Uni TAKEV English THIMUN ITSMUN WebsiteITSMUN Instagram
izmir CESMUN May 01 - 04 2019 High Sc - Uni Independent English TBA CESMUN WebsiteCESMUN Instagram
istanbul ISTMUN ✔ May 02 - 05 2019 High Sc - Uni İstanbul AHS English HARVARD ISTMUN WebsiteISTMUN Instagram
Ankara TEDUMUN May 02 - 05 2019 High Sc - Uni TED University TBA TBA TEDUMUN WebsiteTEDUMUN Instagram
Antalya TAMUN ✔ May 02 - 05 2019 High School TED Antalya English TBA TAMUN WebsiteTAMUN Instagram
Bursa ŞahinkayaMUN✔ May 02 - 05 2019 High School Şahinkaya College English TBA ŞahinkayaMUN WebŞahinkaya Instagram
Denizli MUNIC ✔ May 03 - 05 2019 High Sc - Uni İ.Cinkaya SSHC English HARVARD MUNIC WebsiteMUNIC Instagram
Manisa MUNLIGHT May 03 - 05 2019 High Sc - Uni Salihli Fen Bilimleri English HARVARD MUNLIGHT WebMUNLIGHT Instagram
Ankara BESTMUN ✔ May 09 - 12 2019 High Sc - Uni Beştepe College English HARVARD BESTMUN WebBESTMUN Instagram
Balıkesir MUNIAC ✔ May 11 - 12 2019 High School AÇI Schools English HARVARD MUNIAC WebsiteMUNIAC Instagram
OZYMUN May 17 - 19 2019 High School Oğuzhan Özkaya TBA TBA TBA OZYMUN Instagram
Antalya TAJMUN May 24 - 26 2019 JMUN (Middle) TED Antalya English TBA TAJMUN WebsiteTAJMUN Instagram
istanbul TEDIMUN ✔ May 24 - 27 2019 High School TED İstanbul English THIMUN TEDIMUN WebsiteTEDIMUN Instagram
istanbul MEKMUN ✔ May 25 - 28 2019 High Sc - Uni Marmara College English - Tur (Türkçe) HARVARD MEKMUN WebsiteMEKMUN Instagram
Ankara TEDMUN ✔ May 25 - 28 2019 High Sc - Uni TED Ankara English THIMUN TEDMUN WebsiteTEDMUN Instagram
istanbul IELMUN June 09 - 12 2019 High School Istanbul Erkek L. Eng-Ger-Tur (Türkçe) THIMUN IELMUN WebsiteIELMUN Instagram
Mersin YKALMUN June 10 - 12 2019 High School Yusuf Kalkavan AL TBA TBA TBA YKALMUN Instagram
Antalya HMMUN June 10 - 12 2019 TBA HMM Bileydi AHS TBA TBA TBA HMMUN Instagram
Balıkesir FL-MUNMARA ✔ June 10 - 13 2019 High Sc - Uni Sehit TSolak SHC English HARVARD MUNMARA WebMUNMARA Instagram
Antalya AFMUN June 15 - 17 2019 High School YZ Öner Fen Lisesi English HARVARD TBA AFMUN Instagram
istanbul KALMUN ✔ June 17 - 20 2019 High School Kadıköy AL English - French TBA KALMUN WebsiteKALMUN Instagram
izmir MUNIFL ✔ June 18 - 21 2019 High Sc - Uni Izmir SHC English HARVARD MUNIFL WebsiteMUNIFL Instagram
izmir MUNIKAL ✔ July 01 - 04 2019 High Sc - Uni Karşıyaka AHS English HARVARD MUNIKAL WebsiteMUNIKAL Instagram
izmir MUNIYT July 01 - 04 2019 High Sc - Uni izmir Ins. of Tech TBA TBA TBA MUNIYT Instagram



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