Home Online Model United Nations
16-17 May 2020

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Welcome Letter

Distinguished Participants,

 As HomeMUN General Director and HomeMUN General Secretary, we are honored and proud to serve you.

 We would like to introduce our HomeMUN conference, which will take place between 16-17 May 2020, and see your participation.

 As the whole world, we have a hard time and many lives, including ours, have been affected by this extraordinary situation.  During quarantine days, we disrupted our daily lives very much and started to do everything from home.  As HomeMUN secretariat, we wanted to organize a 2-day online conference for those who want to attend MUN conferences but also in quarantine.

  In this conference, we will host our valuable participants in 6 committees.  These are divided into 3 committees whose native language is Turkish and 3 committees whose native language is English;  Our Harry Potter (Special Committe), United Nations Conference on Trade And Development (UNCTAD) and United Nations Security Council (UNSC) committees are English;  Our G20 Leaders Summit, Islamic Cooperation Organization and Crisis committee are presented to you in Turkish.

  We did not include coronavirus issues in our committees, as our aim was to dissipate from the coronavirus epidemic and to engage in other issues.  But of course we should not leave the measure.  We try our best to give you the best online conference experience without staying at home.

 Finally, we hope to see you all attending our conference.

Sincerely yours,

 Home Online Model United Nations Secreteriat.

Director General İpek Kutlu

Secretary General Sude Zaloğlu



United Nations Security Council (UNSC) :

Agenda Item: The political military tension that escalates between the USA and Iran.

United Nations Conference on Trade And Development (UNCTAD) :

Agenda Item: Poverty alleviation in Africa.

Harry Potter (Special Committee):

Agenda Item:The Battle of Hogwarts


G20 Liderler Zirvesi;

Gündem Maddesi: DNA dizilimininde değişim yapmaları  bunun sonuncu oluşan etik kaygıları ve CRISPR-Cas9’un biyolojik silah olarak kullanılması .

SSCB (Kriz Komitesi);

Ekim devrimi.

İslam İşbirliği Teşkilatı (İİT):

Gündem Maddesi: Mezhep Ayrılıkları.




Written by MUNTurkey.com

Support Team