It’s great to have goals, but what are we doing to achieve them? by Miray AYYILDIZ

It’s great to have goals, but what are we doing to achieve them?

It’s great to have goals, but what are we doing to achieve them? by Miray AYYILDIZ. You’ve all probably heard of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, topics that should be tackled in order to have and leave behind a better world. The importance of each and every one of them is unignorable, but isn’t it always fun and games until we realize that we are obligated to take a step to reach the finish line? Fortunately, the world doesn’t only consist of pitiless and neglector people and some are actually trying to provide benefit to humanity. In this article, there will be a couple of examples which indicate the efforts that are made and the victories that are won by means of the aforementioned goals. Enjoy!

Sustainable Development Goal #7:
Affordable and Clean Energy

-the new world leader in dispatchable renewable energy: South Australia-

“South Australia has the highest penetration of renewables in the world.” As said by Sara Bell, who is the founder of energy company Tempus Energy, the resources that South Australia has, as a means of its climate, are bringing the country many opportunities to improve their technology and get rid of the old school usage of fossil fuels.

A recent update has been made which states that the world’s largest thermal plant will be built in South Australia, starting this year. A US company called SolarReserve, being the investor and the developer of the project, announced the cost to be approximately $650M. The system is composed of an array of panels, which work as mirrors and reflect solar rays to the centre of a salt-filled tower, increasing the salt’s temperature. The obtained energy can be stored in batteries called “salt batteries” and later be used to generate electricity.

Recently, Tesla has installed the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery in South Australia, after Elon Musk promised to build it in 100 days or to give it free. The 129-megawatt-hour battery has come to rescue the country from the blackouts caused by the struggles of generating energy from wind power. It is believed that with the continuation of this kind of projects, South Australia could be powered by %100 renewable energy by 2030. Hoping for the best!

Sustainable Development Goal #3:
Good Health and Well-Being
-the exploration of a protein that promotes triple-negative breast cancer-

Normally, the treatment of cancer would be by preventing the cancer cell to bind to a hormone via its receptors, which would have caused it to grow and spread. When it comes to triple-negative breast cancer, researchers realized that this specific cancer cell doesn’t need and have receptors and thus it is hard to obstruct its dissemination. That’s why triple-negative breast cancer has lower survival rates than most of the cancer types.

During the studies done on the topic, a new stem cell pathway has been determined to support the disease. This protein cell, which hadn’t been noticed in previous studies, brightened a new road of finding and bringing into force a new technique of treatment by means of considering it as a potential target. Scientists have already started to get to the bottom of it. Fingers crossed!

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