How to Be Successful in Crisis Committees by Can KARACA

Sometimes, you may be a chair or delegate in crisis committees. And you may be panicked or excited because of the committee. You start to think about being successful and also if this committee is a JCC, exactly you want to win the war. So, now I am going to try to help you with crisis committees. 1. First Part: […]

Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine Komiteleri Nedir? Rüzgar ALTUNIŞIK

Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine Komiteleri Nedir? Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine komiteleri, adlarından anlayabileceğiniz üzere iki farklı tür kriz komiteleredir. Bu iki tür kriz komitesini yan yana karşılaştırmamız gerekirse aralarında fazla bir fark olmadığını rahat bir şekilde görebiliriz. Tarihi Kriz Komitesi diğer adıyla ‘Historical Crisis Committee’ size verilen tarihi bir konu içerisinde, bir şahsı kendi yerinize koyarak canlandırdığınız komitedir. Kısacası daha […]

The Phrases That You Can Use In Mun ( For Delegates) by Gizem DİKİCİOĞLU

You can find the phrases and their meanings which we use during the session time. These are the keywords that are being used on the international level. Don’t forget, memorize it with the best way is being suggested. But if you cannot don’t worry you can take notes on note papers and in this way you can easily remember the […]

Tips for the First-Timers to Get Prepared for Their First MUN by Gizem Dikicioğlu

You did your application and then you were accepted to the conference. You got your study guide and your committee is specifically known. What will you do next? If you don’t know the answer, this article is for you! If you’re a first-timer, you may not know the Harvard Procedure. As the procedure, the session starts with a roll call […]

HARVARD Prosedüründe Hayatta Kalma Rehberi

Eğer MUN’e katılmaya son anda karar verdiyseniz ve çok acil bir şeyler yapmanız gerekiyorsa bu rehber tam size göre! Öncelikle temel MUN terimlerini bilmeniz, komiteniz için yayımlanan Study Guide’ı (Çalışma Rehberini) okumanız gerekir.  Temel olarak bilmeniz gerekenler:  (Opening Ceremony, Delegate, Delegation, Chair, Vice-Chair, Rapporteur, Committee, Session, Study, Guide, Moderated Caucus, Unmoderated Caucus, Opening Speech, Motion, GSL, Yields, Points, Resolution, Closing […]

10 Tips for the First-Timers by Lara Melis BÜYÜKCEYLAN

Dear First-Timers; if you are about to join an MUN conference soon and also if your mind is complicated about everything you are just in the right place! Before moving to tips just don’t forget that each MUNerhad their first conference. They are just like you. Let’s start!   1)DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK! When you attend an MUNconference your first […]

GA Committees and the Best Way to Get Ready for them by Dila KADIGİL

GA COMMITTEES *There are 6 General Assembly committees. *All member states have an equal vote and P5+1 members do not have the veto power. *There must be a simple majority to pass the documents drafted by these committees. *All committees of the General Assembly are unable to impose sanctions, authorize armed intervention, or pass connective resolutions.   GA 1 – […]

My First MUN Conference- Mistakes Lead to Success by Elif KAYA

I wanted to write this so that I can, if possible, inspire some of you to become a MUNer and help first-timers overcome their fears and anxiety. Also,  I truly think that you will learn a lot from my story. Besides that, who wouldn’t want to read about a struggled first-timers pathetic but also funny story about her first mun […]

Tips to Get Prepared for GA Committees by Halil İbrahim KUZU

General Assembly Committees Before the information and tips that I will give you, I would like to welcome all of you readers to my article. In this writing, I will try to convey all of my experiences and knowledge about General Assembly Committees. Most of the simple terms and rules of procedures are the same as every other committee. Let’s […]

How to Write a Motivation Letter While Applying for the Conferences? by Dila KADIGİL

When you are applying to an MUN conference, writing a motivation letter is one of the most important things that you have to do. But what is motivation letter and how to write it? A motivation letter is basically a letter which you state your interests in applying to a conference, your features.   You can separate your letter into […]

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