The Working Mechanism of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by Sezen Özkalp

Hello everyone! Through this article, I will acquaint you with the working mechanism of the International Court of Justice. Before we get started, I would like to inform you that this article is about the actual International Court of Justice, not its Model United Nations version.   BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE (ICJ) The International Court of […]

Physical and Oral Techniques to be an Effective Speaker by Iliad Nazari

In this article, I will be sharing key points to be an effective speaker in MUN. Let’s start! Eye Contact During most MUN meetings, one critical failure that most attendants make is that they forget eye contact. Eye contact is essential for getting your point through. If your eyes wander or look straight down at your notes while you are […]

Harvard Rules of Procedure by Meltem Eser

Introduction This guide has been prepared for Please keep in mind that the following Rules of Procedure is the official procedure used by national and international Model UN conferences, however, some aspects may vary depending on the procedures different conferences decide to follow. These rules can sometimes be implemented in a slightly different way depending on the academic level […]

7 Things You Should Know About the GA:6 Legal Committee by İnci BAKIRLI

Are you in a LEGAL committee and confused about what to do? Here is some information about GA:6 LEGAL: 1. The LEGAL committee requires learning new terms In your first legal committee, and especially if the agenda item is suitable, you are going to learn many new things about international law, such as the names of international courts or some […]

How to Prepare for A Crisis Committee As a First-Timer by Selen GÜNERİ

Crisis committees used to seem very complicated and hard for me. My first time was quite stressful. In order to understand the procedure, I had to do lots of research. In this article, I try to explain different elements of crisis committees clearly, as best as I can. I hope this helps you to gain a better grasp of the […]

The Basic Guide for GA Committees by Zeynep KESKİN

Hi everyone, I’m Zeynep and in this article, I will be informing you about  “The Basic Guide for GA Committees”. As we all know, GA committees are commonly seen as “first-timer committees” or “easy committees”. As a delegate who has attended many GA committees, I strongly disagree. This article is intended to be a guide for delegates who wish to […]

Bir First-Timer Gözüyle HARVARD Prosedürü Tecrübesi – Serra Su ATARER

Bir first timer, bir konferansa giderken bir sürü endişeleri olmuştur. İşte  “Ben gideceğim işte ne yapacağım?” veya “Oradaki herkes ya çok tecrübeli ise ya sadece ben tek terübeli isem?” veya konuşamama kaygısı olabiliyor. Bu kaygılar normaldir. Bu kaygılar, 30-40 tane konferansa katılmış bir delegenin de divanın da (divan chair dediğimiz kişi veya kişilerdir) zamanında yaşadığı tecrübelerdir. Kısaca daha önce her […]

How to Survive in THIMUN Conference by Sezen Özkalp

HOW TO SURVIVE IN A CONFERENCE FOLLOWING THE THIMUN PROCEDURE GUIDE? BY SEZEN ÖZKALP Hello everyone! I am Sezen Özkalp and through this article of mine, I will be guiding you about how to survive in a conference following the THIMUN procedure. STEP 1: UNDERSTANDING HARVARD PROCEDURE FEATURES THAT DOESN’T EXIST IN THIMUN PROCEDURE If are knowledgable about Harvard procedure […]

How to Be Successful in Crisis Committees by Can KARACA

Sometimes, you may be a chair or delegate in crisis committees. And you may be panicked or excited because of the committee. You start to think about being successful and also if this committee is a JCC, exactly you want to win the war. So, now I am going to try to help you with crisis committees. 1. First Part: […]

Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine Komiteleri Nedir? Rüzgar ALTUNIŞIK

Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine Komiteleri Nedir? Tarihi Kriz ve Kabine komiteleri, adlarından anlayabileceğiniz üzere iki farklı tür kriz komiteleredir. Bu iki tür kriz komitesini yan yana karşılaştırmamız gerekirse aralarında fazla bir fark olmadığını rahat bir şekilde görebiliriz. Tarihi Kriz Komitesi diğer adıyla ‘Historical Crisis Committee’ size verilen tarihi bir konu içerisinde, bir şahsı kendi yerinize koyarak canlandırdığınız komitedir. Kısacası daha […]

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