Reasons Why You Should Try A Crisis Committee by Alara Wilson

For the average delegate, high school Model UN starts and ends with General Assembly committees. They are the most common, the most simplistic in terms of procedure, and the most accessible as they make up the vast majority of committee offerings at most conferences. Above all else, though, they are comfortable: this is the main reason that so many delegates […]

How to Build a Strong Bloc in a GA Committee by Alara WILSON

GA committees are always the most crowded committees in MUN conferences and due to this, it can be said that leading a bloc might be challenging. Big GA committees mostly separate into at least two blocs. So, to be successful in a GA committee you need to have a strong bloc. MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION Making a good first […]

Lesser-Known Kinds of Motions by Azranur ERCİN

All of us are familiar with frequently-used motions such as a “motion to have a moderated caucus” or “suspension of the meeting”. But there some other kinds of motions that can save your life. I have listed some lesser-known and used kinds of motions below. Before started I would like to remind you that all the motions below are required […]

Do and Don’t Tricks for Writing a Resolution by Selen GÜNERİ

Resolutions can be seen as the whole point of conferences besides the debate. For our resolutions to be the most effective, sensible, and structurally correct, here are some do and don’t trick for writing a resolution. Do: Gather your ideas in a different document/paper Don’t: Try to edit everything in your head if it’s hard The ideas you put are […]

Debating Tips for MUN by İldeniz CİVCİK

I see, you are in a competitive committee and looking for some advice and tips. If so, you are in the right place. First of all, I hope you have read our article about being a well-prepared delegate and have done your research before the conference. But in sessions, while you are using data and pieces of information about the […]

Most Common Mistakes Made by First-Timers in MUN Conferences by Alara Wilson

At your very first MUN conference, it’s normal to make some mistakes. At MUN conferences no one will make fun of you for your mistakes as everybody there went through the situations that you’re going through right now, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best to stay away from mistakes. No one is expecting you to get an […]

How does the DISEC work? by Selenay TÜFEKÇİOĞLU

Disarmament and International Security (First Committee) History of DISEC To prevent such great damage again after the Second World War, the international community has decided to establish a stable structure for peace to solve such conflicts with words before using weapons. This structure started to be formed in 1945 with the Yalta conference. The organs in the structure are divided […]

How to Be a Well-Prepared Delegate by İldeniz CİVCİK

You have decided to participate in an MUN conference and applied to be a delegate. Then you received a mail: Congratulations! You are accepted, your allocation is sent, and..? What should you do from now on? Your preparation process has just started and if you are ready to be a well-prepared delegate, keep reading! First of all, I recommend you […]

The Working Mechanism of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by Sezen Özkalp

Hello everyone! Through this article, I will acquaint you with the working mechanism of the International Court of Justice. Before we get started, I would like to inform you that this article is about the actual International Court of Justice, not its Model United Nations version.   BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE (ICJ) The International Court of […]

Physical and Oral Techniques to be an Effective Speaker by Iliad Nazari

In this article, I will be sharing key points to be an effective speaker in MUN. Let’s start! Eye Contact During most MUN meetings, one critical failure that most attendants make is that they forget eye contact. Eye contact is essential for getting your point through. If your eyes wander or look straight down at your notes while you are […]

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