ETÜMUN’18: 10 Questions and 10 Answers

1. When and where will the ETÜMUN 2018 happen?

ETUMUN’18 will be held between 20-23 October, at TOBB University of Economics and Technology.

2. How much is the fee for the conference?

For Individual Delegates,
Early Application Fee:170₺
Late Application Fee:190₺
Early Application With Accommodation: 330₺
Late Application With Accommodation: 350₺

For Delegations,
Early Application Fee:160₺
Late Application Fee:180₺
Early Application With Accommodation: 320₺
Late Application With Accommodation: 340₺

For Committee Directors,
Early Application Fee:80₺
Late Application Fee:100₺
Early Application With Accommodation: 160₺
Late Application With Accommodation: 180₺

For Administrative Staff,
Early Application Fee:100₺
Late Application Fee:120₺
Early Application With Accommodation: 180₺
Late Application With Accommodation: 200₺

For Press Members,
Early Application Fee:100₺
Late Application Fee:120₺
Early Application With Accommodation: 180₺
Late Application With Accommodation: 200₺

For Observers,
Observer Fee: 65₺
Observer Fee With Accommodation:160₺

For international applicants, fees change accordingly with the transaction fees of the bank that participants choose.

3. How many participants will there be at the ETÜMUN 2018?

We are expecting over 200 delegates and over 250 participants in total.

4. How long will the conference last?

Our conference will last for four days but will never end in our participant’s hearts.

5. To what airport should I fly to when coming to ETÜMUN 2018?

Our participants should fly to Ankara Esenboğa Airport where our shuttles will expect their arrival.

We also suggest our participants to consider travelling by bus since our university is only 5 minutes away from AŞTİ.

6. What are the committees and agenda?

In ETUMUN 2018 we have 5 different committees with different levels.

Our first committee is the United Nations Human Rights Council. The first agenda item of the UNHRC is Human Rights Abuses and Violations Against Ethnic and Religious Minorities, and the second agenda is the LGBTI Rights. UNHRC is a committee which is more suitable for first timers and inexperienced delegates.

Our second committee is GA-1/DISEC. There are also two agenda items of DISEC which are Military Interventions in Internal Conflicts, and Emphasizing the Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea. Our DISEC committee is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced delegates.

The third committee of ETUMUN’18 is the United Nations Security Council. The two issues that will be focused in the UNSC which chosen carefully in order to create highly fruitful debates within the committee are Partition of Cyprus and Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. UNSC is a suitable committee for highly experienced delegates.

Our fourth committee is the U.S. House of Representatives. This committee is designed to be an exact simulation of the U.S. House and will have an open agenda. We suggest experienced delegates to apply for this committee.

Last but not least, the fifth committee is the Futuristic Grand National Assembly. The committee will take place in 2023 just a month prior to the elections. With 5 different parties in the Assembly, delegates will have to both copes with the national problems and carry on election campaigns for their parties. Futuristic Grand National Assembly is a committee for highly experienced delegates.

7. What are three MUST SEE places in Ankara around the venue?

The first place that you must see is of course Anıtkabir. It is located very close to our university and we highly suggest you visit the mausoleum of the founder of the Turkish Republic.
Secondly, we recommend our participants to go to an Aspava at least once to experience that Aspava phenomenon.

Thirdly Bahçelievler and Çukurambar are two highly live streets that are nearby and where you can find all sorts of cafés, restaurants, and pubs.

8. What is the application deadline for the conference?
Our application deadline is 10th of October.

10. How do I learn more about the conference?

You can visit our website, where you can also make an application, and contact us from there or you can also send a direct message to our Instagram account “etumun18”.


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