Elis Odabasi and a great MUN Career Story along with “Siyah Ruj Team”

Elis Odabasi and a great MUN Career Story along with “Siyah Ruj Team”

I have a long time passion about researching historical background of the countries that I’ve never heard before besides looking up for world problems facing in this millennium moreover searching how our world became the world we know right now .not only MUN managed me to use this passion as an advantage but it also improved my knowledge ass a whole. Even though I became very attached to MUN the conditions like where I live in 2016 made it really hard to attend conferences freely at that time.

After we moved to Istanbul in 2017 summer it made a fascinating change to my life. After that, I could finally improve myself and develop as a “MUNER” by attending as many conferences as my heart desires. In MUNDP16 I’ve attended my first MUN conference before that I didn’t have a single idea what MUN is all about. Despite that, I researched my topics as much as I can in order to have an idea and express my thoughts. I can proudly state that it was a good first conference. In IIMUN16 we have written a resolution with two of my schoolmates I couldn’t have enough confidence to be the main submitter. Unfortunately, it couldn’t pass but at that conference, I learned how a resolution is written and how hard it is. In MCMUN16 I became an ambassador. It was a great experience to talk to a large audience like that. In TAMUN17 I’ve attended my first conference as an individual delegate┬á I’ve made great and lifelong friendships there it was a great conference we became Colombia delegation since all of the individual delegates were allocated as Colombia. After that, i have attended several more conferences but it didn’t change my MUN life as ALMUN17 did. In ALMUN17 I ‘ve attended my first special committee i have written my own resolution and it passed. It was the first and only resolution that I have written on my own and passed it was a great experience. Our committee had an unofficial name “sluts” after an amendment that the delegate of France submitted. It was a great conference academically and socially. After that, I’ve attended KALMUN17. KALMUN17 is a conference that had real ups and downs for me in the Committee I did not have good manners for some unknown reasons but the people in my committee are became intimidated by me but in the social events we created a friend group under the name of “siyah ruj” and that was moment that I said to myself “that’s why I love to do, that’s why I love MUN”.

Later that as the siyah ruj team we applied to IELMUN17. That was my first JCC Committee but we had a really bad opportunity. Our lovely chairs were dismissed from the conference on day one. Unfortunately, we lost the Korean war for that.. the conference had so many holes but the “siyah ruj” made it for me. Later in IIMUN17 I’ve attended my first ICJ committee as a judge. For that, I learned the procedure of ICJ. It was a great experience and I’m so glad that I attended ICJ and I’m looking forward to attending many more ICJ committees as well. Lastly, at MEFMUN17 I was in the crisis team it was a great experience. I became so many different characters and had so many different personalities. We made so many successful crises. After the conference, we had so many positive feedbacks about the crisis team. After reading those on the site it really made my day. In MCMUN17 I’ve “chaired” to a Committee for the first time ever we had so many first-timers the committee was full of success. At CKMUN18 I chaired with S├╝leyman Doruk D├Âr├╝c├╝. The topic was “years of led” and we were the communist side THE RED BRIGADES. I ‘ve had low expectations since the conference was in ─░zmir and the committee was full of first timers but they shooked me with their crazy finger cutting ideas and many many bombing attack plans. Overall the committee was a high success and we even baked potatoes while in session in gossip box by burning directives. At HPALMUN18 I’ve attended as a crisis member and the whole crisis team was full of our team “siyah ruj” since we know each other for most of our MUN careers we easily adapt to the situations. Our head of crisis became our dad since we are the utmost the craziest friend group in MUNs we had to have a person that can say “no” to our lunatic ideas. my favourite committee was Interpol we gave a lot of successful crisis with my fellow Colombian.

Even though we are not in charge of JCC in the daytime. We had their midnight crises at the hotel it had a lit if ups and downs the whole crisis team was dying at the end of the day four but it was a great experience overall and it became one of the best conferences that I’ve ever attended. But this is not the end of my MUN career Ill try to attend as many conferences as possible and develop even more as a MUNER since I┬áwill be 12th grader next year it will be extremely hard to attend conferences as freely as this year.


Elis Odabasi 

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