This short and compact biography belongs to Efe Costu. Currently studying in IB Diploma Program in Kocaeli Bahcesehir College IB Schools. It is my last year in high school. In this past 4 years, I tried to be involved in every kind of social and academical activity that I could. Model United Nations Conferences is one of them. My MUN Career has started 2 years ago. My first commitment to MUN was establishing a MUN Club in our school. I served as Vice President of Club and one of the Founding Member of BahcesehirCollegeMUN. The first conference that I have attended was ITSMUN’17 which is the conference that I got my first award. In total, I have attended more than 15 conferences. Out of these 15 conferences, I have attended 8 Conferences as Committee Director, 1 Conference as Head of Crisis and 1 for Under Secretary General. That’s all about myself. For any kind of help or question, feel free to touch me!


How to Lead the Committee as a Power Delegate

Being a delegate in a Model United Nations Conference might be frightening or enjoyable depending upon your stress and other external factors. But as a MUN’er with a lot of experiences, I can say that there is nothing to be afraid of at all. There are few golden clues I can give to future delegates […] More

How to work in Crisis Team in a MUN Conference by Efe COŞTU

How to work in Crisis Team in a MUN Conference? As many of you are interested in, Crisis Committees are of the most intriguing and essential part of the Model United Nations Conferences. The most heated and passionate speeches entertained in these committees. There are 2 main impacts, one, the agenda items are generally so […] More

How to Win an Award in an MUN Conference by Efe COŞTU

About more than two years ago, my marvelous MUN career has been started and special thanks to MUNTurkey.com, it still continues. I could not have done it without such a perfect platform. I still remember the first day on the committee. I was the guy who just sits and does nothing at all. Because I […] More

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