Derin LİN

Hi everyone and fellow readers of MUNturkey I’m Derin Lin I’m a historical committee and historical geek. I love reading books about pretty much anything about the soviet union and the second world war.I’m the club president of Işık High School Nişantaşı and train many newcomers and help them.I’m a huge traveller myself so I have an international personality. I hope I can enlighten you all with my articles. (you can choose from the pictures)


JTMUN’19 Review Article by Gökçe SİVRİKAYA

Hi guys! This is a review article upon JTMUN’19. So basically in this article, you will be reading upon how was Jale Tezer Model United Nations Conference and what did I learn from it. I cannot say that the conference is good or bad. Because there were things which I and most of the people in MUN society would have […]

GA Committees and the Best Way to Get Ready for them by Dila KADIGİL

GA COMMITTEES *There are 6 General Assembly committees. *All member states have an equal vote and P5+1 members do not have the veto power. *There must be a simple majority to pass the documents drafted by these committees. *All committees of the General Assembly are unable to impose sanctions, authorize armed intervention, or pass connective resolutions.   GA 1 – […]

MUN Öğretmen Eğitimi (ETZ Akademi İş Birliği ile)

MUN Öğretmen Eğitimi Eğitim Tarihi: 31 Ağustos Cumartesi Eğitim Yeri: ETZ Akademi- Vadistanbul Bulvar 2B Ofis Eğitim Ücreti: 350 TL + KDV Eğitim Dili Türkçe ve İngilizce’dir. İngilizce seviyesi en az B1 olmalıdır. Gün boyu çay kahve ikramları olacaktır. Ödeme ile ilgili detaylar için ETZ Akademi iletişime geçecektir. MUN – Model United Nations Nedir? MUN – Model United Nations, Birleşmiş […]

CUMUN’19 – 10 Questions & 10 Answers

When and where will the CUMUN’19happen? CUMUN’19 is going to be held on 5-6-7 August at Uğur Schools Bornova Campus How much is the fee for the conference? Indıvıdual: 135 TL, 3 person delegation 120 TL, 4 person delegation 105 TL, 5 or 5+ person delegation 95 TL How many participants will there be at the CUMUN’19? Around 150-200 How […]

Special Interview with CUMUN’19 Hello CUMUN’19 Team! This year is going to be the first session of CUMUN’19 and we are sure that CUMUN’19 is going to provide its participants with a realistic and professional experience of the international debate environment. Let’s begin 🙂 1. Could you please introduce the academic and organization team briefly? We are sure that everyone would love […]

How to Write Directive in Crisis Committees by Zeynep AŞKIN

Hi everyone; It is my utmost pleasure to give some basic information about directive in crisis committees. Crisis committee is a specialized area of quick decisions and fast-paced action where a lot can happen quickly because of that a crisis committee doesn’t follow a normal parliamentary procedure. In order to create a more commissive atmosphere in the committee, everyone should...

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My First MUN Conference- Mistakes Lead to Success by Elif KAYA

I wanted to write this so that I can, if possible, inspire some of you to become a MUNer and help first-timers overcome their fears and anxiety. Also,  I truly think that you will learn a lot from my story. Besides that, who wouldn’t want to read about a struggled first-timers pathetic but also funny story about her first mun […]

Tips to Get Prepared for GA Committees by Halil İbrahim KUZU

General Assembly Committees Before the information and tips that I will give you, I would like to welcome all of you readers to my article. In this writing, I will try to convey all of my experiences and knowledge about General Assembly Committees. Most of the simple terms and rules of procedures are the same as every other committee. Let’s […]

LEVIATHAN’19 – 10 Questions & 10 Answers

When and where will the LEVIATHAN’19 happen? 24 – 27 June 2019, in Kariyer Mimarı Okulları – Maltepe How much is the fee for the conference? 170 Turkish Liras until the 19th of May, 180 Turkish Liras between 19 May – 8 June How many participants will there be at the LEVIATHAN’19? Around 200 How long will the conference last? […]

Special Interview with LEVIATHAN’19 Team

Hello LEVIATHAN’19 Team! As, we feel so proud to work with LEVIATHAN’19 as a Media Partner! LEVIATHAN’19 is going to be the first Historical Themed Conference in Turkey for the 2018-2019 education years. We are so proud of you and we are looking forward to seeing your conference! It is going to be the first annual session of […]


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