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Hi everyone and fellow readers of MUNturkey I’m Derin Lin I’m a historical committee and historical geek. I love reading books about pretty much anything about the soviet union and the second world war.I’m the club president of Işık High School Nişantaşı and train many newcomers and help them.I’m a huge traveller myself so I have an international personality. I hope I can enlighten you all with my articles. (you can choose from the pictures)


MUN Updates in April 2021

Herkese Merhaba, Bu sayımızda MUN ile ilgili tüm haberleri görebilir, MUN gündemini takip edebilirsiniz. Geçtiğimiz hafta ne olduğunu ve önümüzdeki süreçte neler olacağını sizlerle paylaşmak istiyoruz: Haberler 1) Yüz Yüze MUN konferansları geri döndü! İstanbul’da SMKIMUN ve Ankara’da The Global Reset Forum düzenlenecek. Pandemi sonrası ilk yüz yüze MUN konferansları olacak SMKIMUN ve The Global Reset Forum’un başvuruları devam ediyor. […]

Procedure and Phrases for Chair by Merve Ceren ÇIRAĞ

What Does the Chair (Committee Director) Mean? The Chairs are the heads of a committee. In every committee there at least two chairs. One of them calls Committee Director/ Chair/ President and the other one Vice President. In some General Assembly Committees, there can be more than two chairs because GA committees are always crowded and it can be tough to deal […]

The History of Model United Nations and Online Model United Nations by Vedat KIYMAZARSLAN

We are naturally expected to know the origins of Model United Nations (MUN) as prospective delegates and advisors of future MUN conferences. This short article aims to provide you with some interesting and historical facts as regards the beginnings of traditional (in-person) MUN conferences and Online MUN conferences alike. Before we start, it is equally important to clarify what we […]

What is the Aim of the Model United Nations? by Iliad Nazari

In a nutshell, Model United Nations was laid out in the 20th century and began with the great simulation of the League of Nations that was based upon the set of the young communities, and prepared them for the following international matters, thus to have in the prospect of practical actions. The first due date of the conference was on […]

How to Find Qualified Conferences by İnci Bakırlı

Currently, finding qualified conferences is an issue and this problem is making a lot of people -like myself- to not want to join any conference. When there are three people in the committee or the study guide has been released 1 day before the committee starts that is usually not a good sign, but many signs are there? How can […]

Effects of MUN on Students’ Foreign Language Development by Sultan ULU

MUN conferences have been organized across the globe for so many years. Recently, it is getting one of the most popular events in private and even public schools in Turkey, which I believe proves that MUN conferences have been inspiring the schools and motivating students to be the part of this world although it requires a high level of English, […]

MUN As a New Model For Teaching Foreign Languages by Leyla ERSOY

Teaching a foreign language has been always debating throughout the history of foreign language teaching. In language teaching method is a teaching element which lets students have aims of education reliably, effectively, fast and easily. Despite a lot of studies on getting perfect teaching method, frankly, ıt’s understood that there is no perfect method. I think the most necessary thing […] Karantina Dönemini Nasıl Değerlendiriyor – İnci BAKIRLI

Covid-19 karantina süreci içinde üretken olmak için neler yaptınız? Daha önce okul yoğunluğu nedeniyle okuyamadığım sayıda bilimsel makale okudum, biyoloji alanında hazırladığım bir bilim projesi üzerinde çalıştım. Model UN ile ilgili olarak bir online konferansa katıldım ve içerik üretici takımında görev aldım. UNEP tarafından düzenlenen Act for Nature küresel forumunda gözlemci olarak bulundum. -Güneş Bodur Pandemi süreci ile yakından […]

The Mistakes That We Did in Conferences by İnci BAKIRLI

We have all been a first-timer. We have all done something that we regret. So, here are some common mistakes that especially the delegates do in conferences. I hope you might relate and think about your experiences while reading this article. Overpreparing I think some of us that had joined conferences via their school club was pressured to work harder […]

Quiz: Which Type of Crisis Committee Do You Belong To? Selen Güneri

With this quiz, we will tell you which crisis committee you belong to by your answers to the questions! Make sure you count your answers and determine which option you have selected the most.      

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