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Hi everyone and fellow readers of MUNturkey I’m Derin Lin I’m a historical committee and historical geek. I love reading books about pretty much anything about the soviet union and the second world war.I’m the club president of Işık High School Nişantaşı and train many newcomers and help them.I’m a huge traveller myself so I have an international personality. I hope I can enlighten you all with my articles. (you can choose from the pictures)


The Mistakes That We Did in Conferences by İnci BAKIRLI

We have all been a first-timer. We have all done something that we regret. So, here are some common mistakes that especially the delegates do in conferences. I hope you might relate and think about your experiences while reading this article. Overpreparing I think some of us that had joined conferences via their school club was pressured to work harder […]

Quiz: Which Type of Crisis Committee Do You Belong To? Selen Güneri

With this quiz, we will tell you which crisis committee you belong to by your answers to the questions! Make sure you count your answers and determine which option you have selected the most.      

Hangi ülkenin delegesisin? Azranur ERCİN

Hangi ülkenin delegesisin? Konferansa katılmadan testi çöz, sonucu öğren!

Reasons Why You Should Try A Crisis Committee by Alara Wilson

For the average delegate, high school Model UN starts and ends with General Assembly committees. They are the most common, the most simplistic in terms of procedure, and the most accessible as they make up the vast majority of committee offerings at most conferences. Above all else, though, they are comfortable: this is the main reason that so many delegates […]

Online MUN Mock Debate – Harvard Rules And Procedure

  Special thanks to Aysima KAVAK, Azranur ERCİN, Çağan ŞİMŞEK, Didem ÖZÇAKIR, Esad USTAOSMANOĞLU, Haktan YILMAZ, Azra ŞAHİNGÖZ, Salih ERGENÇ, Serra TOSUN, Zehra YILDIRIM

Quiz: Genel Müdür mü olmalısın Genel Sekreter mi? Merve BAŞBUĞ

Testi çöz, kariyerine akademik takımdan mı, yoksa organizasyondan mı devam etmen gerektiğini öğren…      

Migration and Refugee Issue by İldeniz CİVCİK

First, you should know the difference between a migrant and a refugee. The term refugee is a description for people who were forced to flee their country due to social status or political issues. These people are mostly unable to return their countries owing to certain threats. People who we count as migrants are not forced to leave their country. […]

Quiz: 9 Soruda Hangi Komiteye Uygun Olduğunu Söyleyelim – Merve Ceren ÇIRAĞ

Testi çöz, sana en uygun komiteyi söyleyelim! Belki board member bile çıkabillirsin! İyi şanslar!  

Quiz: Soruları Cevapla MUN’deki Karakterini ve Yaptıklarını Söyleyelim – Merve Ceren ÇIRAĞ

MUN’deki karakterini öğrenmek istersen bu quizi hemen çöz!  

How to Build a Strong Bloc in a GA Committee by Alara WILSON

GA committees are always the most crowded committees in MUN conferences and due to this, it can be said that leading a bloc might be challenging. Big GA committees mostly separate into at least two blocs. So, to be successful in a GA committee you need to have a strong bloc. MAKE A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION Making a good first […]

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