How to Lead a Committee with Full of First-timers as a Chair by Öykü GÖKTUĞ

I remember a conference in which I had to lead a committee with 5 people which includes 3 delegates and 2 admins by myself without any chairs. In the very first session of the conference, my both deputy and president chair had something to do with their work which made me direct the committee by myself. That was quite achievable […] Chair Certificate Program II

Detaylar: Eğitim Yeri: Ankara Class Hotel Eğitim Tarihi: 08 – 09 Şubat 2020 Eğitim Saati: 10.00 – 17.00 Eğitim Ücreti: 300TL+ KDV Eğitim ücretine dahil olanlar; Chair eğitimi Sertifika veya Sertifikalar Coffee break ikramları Chair dökümanları Placard Yaka kartı Eğitim ücretine dahil olmayanlar, Kahvaltı ve yemekler dahil değildir. Ulaşım ve konaklama dahil değildir. Konaklama: Tek kişilik oda gecelik 170TL Çift […]

How to Be an Effective Chair in MUN by Ada SAYAL

Congratulations! You finally became the person you desired to become while you were a delegate, a chair. The idea of being a chair may freak you out, don’t. With enough experience and preparation, you can be a successful chair without breaking a sweat. Anyone who has enough experience and is accepted by the Secretariat of the conference can be a […]

Possible Chairing Problems by Ayşe İnci DAL

Possible Chairing Problems by Ayşe İnci DAL Three weeks ago I participated in an MUN conference as a first-time chairperson. I can say that I had read all of the chairing guides on the net, yet after the conference, I realized that I didn’t read anything about the possible crises that chairperson should solve in the committee. I hope that […]

How to be a Chairperson by Onur KARADAL

How to be a Chairperson by Onur KARADAL Being a chairperson in MUN is a professional step in your MUN career. It seems obvious if we consider what is more prestigious. Being the best delegate or selecting the best delegate? And I believe that almost every delegate (except first timers) wishes to be a chairperson. Our question to consider in […]

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