Alara Wilson: Special Interview with Ahmet BABACAN

1) Firstly would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Ahmet BABACAN and I’m an English language and literature major at Selçuk University and an experienced delegate in Antalya MUN society.

2) What was the reason for you to attend MUN conferences?

I love learning A LOT and MUN gave me the opportunity to practice what I’ve learned so far and pushed me yearning for more. And I was wondering “where will I use what I’ve learnt?” And MUN was what I was looking for.

3) Why do you think people should attend MUN conferences and what are the benefits of attending these conferences?

Well obviously socializing will be the most important factor to my fellow delegates but since I’m an English language major I must say practicing English and getting yourself loaded with more information and having hardcore debates in MUN must be the real deal, to be honest, but of course, a better understanding in global politics will develop and you will no longer view the globe in the same way.

4) For you what are the most challenging things about MUNs?

The most challenging part is writing a resolution especially in first-timer committees and since I don’t go for awards (for personal reasons) I usually teach my fellow delegates how to write one since we have been taught to pursue personal success we can’t really cooperate and since writing a resolution is all about cooperation it’s really hard to do that in some cases.

5) Can you keep the balance between your school life and your MUN career? If so how do you do it?

No not really I attended an MUN 2 days before my university exam so that’s a pretty good example oh and by the way, I don’t regret it.

6) How do you choose the conference that you attend and do you have any tips on how should we choose as well?

Choosing an MUN conference is really tricky especially a quality conference. There are many variables but starting off gets to know the committees and check their agenda items. Is the agenda specific or vague? You should focus on the academic team and their experiences if you want to improve academically if you want to party then go for it but keep in mind that you can party any time but learn? Not really. Not to mention the price since most conferences these days are just plain cash grabs you should check if they are just advertising their entertainment since if that’s the case just steer clear and look somewhere else.

7) A lot of people are scared and have a loss of self-confidence what is your advice for them?

Everyone will tell you to take care but no one cares if you take care of not so don’t stress about it. You will most probably never see those people in your committee and if you do anything that’s plain dumb or embarrassing in the committee just make fun of it it’s the best way to cover up your mistakes. And there is no reason to be scared no one will laugh or make fun of you. Except some low life kids trying to get attention. Plus you are not alone your committee will have delegates that have low self-esteem and if you attend more and more conferences trying to break your taboo’s step by step you will have the upper hand.

8) At the end of the session, how do you feel when a delegate gives an objection to the suspension of the meeting?

If that delegate made a mistake I would be sorry, but if it was on purpose that is a sick move to do and I officially call that person my man, it’s super cool especially when everyone is in the mood and then you just anger people so cool 10/10 would objection again.

9) Is there a memory at an MUN conference that you would like to share?

Lots actually but I only have one to choose from so; I was in the UNDP committee at HybridMun19 as the delegate of Israel so I was trying to impersonate that rich jewboy and I was pretty good at it, I gave lots of motions shared great ideas which later on were added to our resolution I didn’t write a single sentence to the reso and just talked in moderated caucus. Last day last session we needed to vote on the reso my dog the US looked at me and I winked flirtatiously to signal that bravo sux was going dark and we have a veto to our resolution that the whole committee worked on and threw all our ideas out the window and delivered a speech upon why everything in the reso was just dumb. I got the best delegate. The US got an outstanding award. 10/10 would veto again.

10) What should people expect from their first MUN conference?

Lower your expectations if you want to be happy that’s what life is all about. But of course, even though you lower them you still have expectations. So expect to have a decent venue with adequate utility and get bored if you are in a first-timer committee since you will watch the silence of the lambs *pun intended* and chair randomly picking delegates which will just say thank you and sit down. And that big brain talkative communist guy that speaks like he is Stalin or something dominating the committee. When your expectations are low enough spice things up by preparing a speech and confronting that guy. Maybe you’ll have a crush which you’ll meet up later on. That will destroy your life in 4 months but it’s cool you know so yeah that is the average MUN conference right there.

11) Any tips for first-timers?

Since you are a first-timer the secretariat will allocate you to a first-timer/beginner committee and usually what most first-timers do is nothing and doing something will always benefit you try to speak even if it doesn’t mean anything you should talk as much as you can to get the upper hand later on you’ll build up self-esteem which will, later on, be needed in your future MUN career. Don’t flex to your chair board try to gather your fellow delegates to talk about the committee get to know them and have fun with them in coffee breaks. They will most likely vote in favor of your emotions which will benefit you in the long run.


Writer and Interviewer, Alara WILSON

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