A MUNer, Solution Maker and a Miracle Worker: Selin D. Ayaz

A MUNer, Solution Maker, and a Miracle Worker: Selin D. Ayaz

The Entire History of Me

When I was a kid, I talked way too much about stuff that no one my age actually cared about and mostly I was hushed down. As I grew up, my desire to be heard grew along with me and nearly two years ago, I decided that was my main aspect of life. However, I never believed in mottos or lifestyles until then, really, but when I started participating in MUNs I felt like I had found one. I have always believed that each person had a reason to continue their lives and participating in such a platform originated that reason.

Particularly, MUN is a platform that holds great importance in my life, at many points. I feel grateful to participate in it since it made me closer to beautiful people that I love and respect. But the concept of MUN, in my opinion, has always been controversial. In the most basic definitions, MUN is a platform in which you can express your dearest ideas and learn how to behave in a formal way. However, I believe that it is something beyond this simplicity. It is a lifestyle to some of us (yes I believe in them now), especially for me, and its atmosphere is the closest thing I’d consider home. It can be life-changing, vision-moving and more; it’s all up to you. You can define it however you like and it will help you define yourself.

I can say that with a hundred percent certainty because it has made me define my very own entity. I promised myself not to get sappy or everything before starting this article, but the people I’ve met during my two-year journey made me realize who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do. I wanted to change the world, address the issues that all of us face and use my own voice while doing that. I simply wanted to be heard and MUN gave me that platform. Cool story, right?

Also, I feel grateful for the opportunity to use my voice, which I believe is the most important thing in the 21st century, considering that we live in Turkey. Just like once a wise man said (who is one of the greatest MUNers I’ve ever met… but he doesn’t know it yet, or the fact that I exist), each flaw in history was present because of the ones who were silent, not because of the ones who stood up against something they opposed. During these two years, I’ve learned that history absorbs the silence but I also learned that the ones who spoke up against something they opposed were the ones who got remembered as brave.

And I decided to get remembered as brave. Well, all of this stuff I’m writing and you’re reading right now probably seems overdramatic, right? You may feel that way, obviously, but I feel it in the most sincere way possible for a teenager who is standing right in the middle of her life. I want to be inspirational someday and to be honest I have always fancied seeing my quotes on some cool pictures from Tumblr which people use as their backgrounds vice versa.

I want to make history remember me as a solution maker and a miracle worker, not a conflict creator. Well, of course, that’d be under consideration if I ever get elected or something… until then, as teenagers who are great at using social media platforms, I believe that we should continue to be brave enough to speak up; and we should continue to use our voices especially for the ones who are oppressed so much that can’t even think of opening their mouths; also continue to use our minds, hearts and souls to be the future we desperately need and deserve. We should try our hardest to be the voice of our generation.

So, as you can see, two years into MUN can turn you into a person who can write all these inspirational (I hope) sentences in one sitting. If you have read this article until now, you probably feel the same as me. If you don’t but just wanted to see where this emotional roller-coaster-like-thing was going, good for you, and thank you. I feel the need to say fasten your seatbelts if you are newcomer reading this because MUN is going to change your life so fast that you won’t even realize it. If you’re just here for the socials, that’s fine and some great Snapchat stories and Instagram posts are also nice to have. If you are like me, a voyager (is that even a word?) who isn’t even close to the end, well I believe we should just hold onto ourselves and see where the road will take us… hopefully to somewhere nice.

Selin D. Ayaz

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