A Great Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss CAGALOGLUMUN by Lal Defne Saygılı. As we all know there are hundreds of conferences these days all around the world especially in Turkey and as much as I have been observing since 2016, MUNs have shown a marked improvement but of course MUNs are getting better day by day thanks to each and everyone one of the MUNers & I am grateful to all the people who contributed to the MUN Community. There are a few people who I trust when it comes to organizing a decent conference which is academically sufficient: Students of CAĞALOĞLU are one of those few people.

I just want to mention some of the things which intrigued me and fascinated me in CAGALOGLUMUN. First of all, the venue of the conference is Bogazici University. I witnessed the team put their hearts and souls into organizing this conference in Bogazici University and I can easily say that it is not an easy task to convince one of the best universities in Turkey. Another great thing about CAGALOGLUMUN is its timing; it’s the last week before the summer break and your exams will have been over so your parents won’t cause any trouble, also your school reports will have probably been printed out by that time so you won’t fail due to absence 🙂

Cagaloglumun also offers an unforgettable conference with its unique committees such as USAN, NSC, NATO and of course, JCC. USAN is the Union of South American Nations and I have never seen a conference simulate USAN before CAGALOGLUMUN, also the topic of the Joint Crisis Committee’s topic is Opium Wars which sounds extremely exciting to me since it’s a distinctive topic (we are all sick of WWII themed JCCs and variations of it, no offense). Last but not least; the social events which I won’t inform you about because I want to cause excitement 😉  but I have good news; there will be plenty of challenges during the conference and you can win free tickets to the social events. Likewise, you have the chance to join an International Voluntary Work Camp by GENÇTUR for free! International Voluntary Work Camps are mainly in the summer and last 2 or 3 weeks also you can choose from 7 countries (for further information you can check this website: http://genctur.com.tr) Another impressing thing about those challenges is that you can also win an academic course in England for 2 weeks by The Atlas International Education Consultancy (http://www.atlasedu.com)

Long story short, CAGALOGLUMUNis, with its highly experienced academic & organization team. Even though it is my humble advice, CAGALOGLUMUN would be an unforgettable experience for every single participant who will be able to attend but don’t forget to apply before it is too late via http://cagaloglumun.org/index.html.  

p.s.: There will be a great variety of treats at the coffee breaks 🙂


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