A great MUN journey with great MUNers! Written by Efe ÖRENCİK

A great MUN journey with great MUNers! Written by Efe ÖRENCİK

A great MUN journey with great MUNers! Written by Efe ÖRENCİK. Before starting my first article in I want to introduce myself. My name is Efe. I’m living in Bursa and I’m 11th grade in Tan High schools.

I’ve participated in 7 MUN.These are;IIMUN,EUROASIAMUN,TANMUN,MUNDP,BUMUN. It’s a pleasure to be a writer to this very prestigious website. I started my MUN journey in 2015. When I was in 9th grade our advisors told me that there was a training for MUN in our school and they told me to apply to it. I didn’t have any idea about MUN so first I didn’t want to but my friends insisted that I apply and I was going to love it, and they told me MUN is a lifestyle. At first, I didn’t understand it. So I applied to it and they allocated a country and they gave a piece of paper called “Study Guide” and they said that I had to write a thing called “Opening Speech”. First I didn’t read the Study Guide so writing an Opening Speech was very hard for me. I realized it so I read the Study Guide and wrote my first Opening Speech. In this training, I didn’t talk too much and now I’m regretful for it.


Now I want to continue to my article with unforgettable MUN conferences for me. I want to start by my first big MUN conference: IIMUN 2016(Istanbul Technical University International Model United Nations). I went it with my schoolmates. We know less thing about writing a resolution paper. But we wrote a draft resolution and we represented it. It was failed but we tried to pass it. We made several friends and we had very unforgettable memories. This was my first big conference. Now I want to tell my first conference which I was chairing position. It was TANMUN 2018(Tan Model United Nations). It was my best conference ever. I was inexperienced in chairing but I think I did it very well. My delegates said to me “Chair, you gave us lots of punishments. Me, the other chair and our admins have thought of some very heavy punishments. They called us “Punishers”. Being chair is a very proud and very amusing thing I liked the chairing position most.


And I want to continue with my most amusing conference: MUNDP 2017(Model United Nations Development Programme). Especially its social events. I saw my friends from IIMUN 2016(Istanbul Technical University International Model United Nations) and they are very amusing people. They danced very well. MUNDP’s procedure was different. Other MUN’s in Turkey are in Harvard MUN procedure but MUNDP is THAIMUN. The difference of THAIMUN from Harvard MUN is the passed the motions. And lastly, I want to tell EUROASIAMUN 2016. I was in UNDP(United Nations Development Programme) committee. I liked this committee most because it contents all problems in the world. Committees main subject is SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


If you want me to write an article about it you can mail me about this. Also, you can mail me whatever you want to ask a question. This is my first article in I hope you enjoyed reading my article.


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