The MUN Calendar of Turkey!

The MUN Calendar of Turkey!


5 Conceptions Of The 5 Misconceptions That First Timers Have About MUN Written by Zeynep ALTUN

5 Conceptions Of The 5 Misconceptions That First Timers Have About MUN Written by Zeynep Altun

Being a first timer is often considered as a firm situation. But always know that your mindset going into things is the strongest thing that’s going to be affecting the final result. I asked my dear MUNer friends, about their first time experiencing a MUN conference and what they were feeling at the time, about being a first timer. And 8 out of 10 of them replied like ‘’Oh, I was like ‘nobody’s going to listen to my ideas, they’re more experienced and qualified than I am. Even the chair is going to make fun of me.’’And ladies and gentleman, that is the wrongest mindset of them all. And they added.’’But after the first day of sessions, I realized I was making a big deal out of nothing. I realized that every thought and every idea is welcomed in this community.’’So why not twist that perception which is thinking that first timers are not qualified up into your own reality?

Let’s talk and correct some of those misconceptions.

1. Being %100 honest with you, nobody’s going to make fun of you, especially the chair.

The chair’s number one duty is to coordinate the committee and making sure that everybody’s involved and the committee is not failing. So they’re already ready for every kind of situation that committee might be facing. And the other delegates will be calling everyone up to be involved in their speeches to the committee is united and working together. That was the reason why the UN was established in the first place. To be united and to be one. So don’t be afraid to stand up, clear your throat and express your ideas confidently.

2. Every idea can be critical and a direction changer in a MUN conference.

I have experienced many types of direction changer ideas before suggested by first-timers. As I’ve said before, working together as a committee is one of the most important things in MUN.So there’s no way they won’t ask your ideas. Even If it gets objected at least you’ve put yourself out there and you weren’t silent throughout the conference. And most importantly after the session, you won’t be thinking, what would happen If you’ve opened up your idea to the other delegates’ attention.

3. You don’t have to be the delegate of a P5 member country to win an award.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions a first timer delegate has in their mind.I’ve had many friends who won the Outstanding or even Best awards with being delegates of smaller and less known countries. As I’ve mentioned, every single country is equal during the session. So your words are as important as P5 member delegates’.Don’t get disappointed when you receive your allocation and stop working on your speeches. Don’t ever forget that It doesn’t matter what your country is, It’s your ideas that make you stand out.

4.GSL is not a waste of time. And opening yourself to questions is the best choice sometimes.

General Speakers List is a list of countries who would like to speak about the general topics about the committee. You can tell about your research and your country’s stance on the topic. It’s kind of a first impression so It’s not a waste of time at all. It’s one of your obvious chances to speak up and let your chair know that you’ve come prepared. Every chair will suggest you put your name on the General Speaker’s List, so listen to them and do it.

And let’s come to opening yourself to questions. It will show that you’re confident about what you talk about and you’ve thought every aspect of it and you’re ready to tell and answer others.

5. Being the ‘’Silent Delegate’’ during an Unmoderated Caucus is never beneficial.

I agree, Unmoderated Caucuses can be overwhelming sometimes, especially If the committee is crowded. But sitting in a corner or chatting with your friends during other delegates are working on the papers, It’s not going to take you somewhere. Asking someone to make room for you for a minute is not a bad thing. If you can sit near to the delegate with the computer, do it!.If It’s possible to be the delegate with the computer! Or sit next to that delegate and talk to them and share your thoughts about the papers.

These are the misconceptions we’re going to be talking today! If you have more, please feel free to email me. I would be glad to answer your questions and help you as much as I can. I hope you’ve had some of your judgments corrected! I hope you guys are going to have an amazing MUN conference!

Zeynep Altun

The Writers Team of MUN Turkey

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