1. When and where will the SANMUN 2018  happen?

SANMUN 2018 is going to be held in Gaziantep Private Sanko Schools.

2. How much is the fee for the conference?

SANMUN 2018 does not assess participation fee from participants.

3. How many participants will there be at the SANMUN 2018?

There will be at least 150 delegates, 10 press members and 13 committee directors.

4. How long will the conference last?

SANMUN 2018 is going to last for 3 days. (11-12-13 May)

5. Is accommodation included in the fee?

No, participants will cover accommodation fee for themselves.

6. To what airport should I fly when coming to SANMUN 2018?

Gaziantep Oğuzeli Airport

7. What are the committees and agenda?

  • Disarmament and International Security

-Minimizing the Usage of Biological Weapons

-Cyber Security and Protecting Against Cyber Warfare

  • Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

-Sale and Sexual Exploitation of Children Including Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Other ---Child Sexual Abuse Material

  •  Economic and Financial Committee

-International Measures for Preventing Future Global Financial Crisis

-Developments in the Field of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain Technology in the Context of International Financial Regulation

  • Security Council

-Current Situation in the Middle East

  •  Historical Committee: Wars of the Roses
  • I. Future Technology Summit

8. What are three MUST SEE places in Gaziantep?

Since there are numerous ambulatories in Gaziantep, it is hard to limit these must-see places to three. In Gaziantep, there are 17 museums so that the city is called ‘City of Museums’. But the Zeugma Mosaic Museum is the biggest mosaic museum in the world containing 1700 m2 of mosaics so that it deserves to be listed as a must see place.

Taking a boat trip on the Birecik Dam Lake and Euphrates River to see Rumkale and touring the Culture Route accompanies Zeugma.

9. What is the application deadline for the conference?

Deadline for committee director applications: 10th of April

Deadline for press member applications: 25th of April

Deadline for delegate and delegation applications: 25th of April

10. How do I learn more about the conference?

Our conference’s website www.sankomun.com includes every detail and also you can contact us for any further questions by the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website.